5 Common Travel Methods and Why You Might Prefer Each One

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Many people feel like targeting 2023 as a travel year. These individuals and families might take a vacation after not traveling during 2021 and 2022. The pandemic might cause this long layoff.

Now, they can visit a fun vacation spot, or they might travel and visit some relatives who they have not seen in quite a while. Whatever their reason, they must choose a travel method, and they have several prime options.

If you’re traveling this year, you should consider what transportation method you’ll take. We will talk about some different ones right now.

Common Travel Methods


You might use a plane and travel that way. If you do, it probably makes sense when you’re going at least a couple of states over, and you’d rather not drive. Flying often costs more, but if you get a discounted flight, it’s probably still prudent. You can get where you’re going faster.

If you’re flying internationally, it makes even more sense since you can’t drive if you’re visiting Europe or somewhere else across the ocean. You can board your pets, ask the neighbors whether they can collect your mail, or you might stop the mail altogether.

You can hop in a taxi and catch an early flight, or you might drive instead. If you drive, you might leave your car at the airport in a parking garage.

You might prefer getting a taxi, though some taxi companies don’t employ the best drivers. You can hope they won’t hit any other vehicles while en route. If the taxi driver does hit another car, that’s a headache, and the crash may injure you as well.

If that happens, you must decide whether you’ll bring legal action. In Florida, for instance, taxi accident victims have four-year lawsuit windows, but each state has different rules. Assuming you caught your flight okay, you can avoid this whole process.

You can enjoy first-class seating on the flight if you pay a little more. You might like that. You can sip a cocktail or enjoy an in-flight movie, and you’ll reach your destination shortly.

Cruise Ship

You might also take a cruise. With some travel methods, you simply use the vehicle and get where you are going, but with a cruise ship, the transportation method also provides entertainment value. That’s certainly the case with P&O cruises.

You might see commercials these days that showcase some of the huge Disney cruise ships. You can also find Carnival ships with incredible entertainment options on board.

Some have shuffleboard, squash, cornhole, and other games up on the deck. Larger and more elaborate ones have roller coasters on board, miniature golf, or enormous buffets. You might encounter costumed characters walking around. Your kids will probably love it.


You can always hop in the family car and go on a road trip. Maybe you’re seeing a national park or some popular site like the Grand Canyon or The Hoover Dam. Perhaps you’re just visiting an aunt and uncle two states over.

Either way, if you enjoy driving, you may like this option. You can probably save money. You might gas up the car a few times, but that likely won’t equal plane tickets or cruise ship entry prices.

You can play some road games with your spouse or partner and the kids. You might spot different state license plates or sing some songs.

If you do this, you must avoid unsafe drivers, and maybe you’ll feel bored if you’re driving through a flat, barren state like Kansas. Some people enjoy driving, though, and this option might appeal.


You can also take a trusty Greyhound or another bus line. You can find several that take you around the county. You can take one from the East Coast and visit California or Nevada, though that ride takes multiple days and has many stops along the way.

The bus might appeal if you don’t have very much money. You can save cash that way since you can get where you’re going and only spend a little bit versus how much you’d pay if you flew.

Buses aren’t exactly the most fun travel method, though. You might stare out the window for hours on end.

These days, you can at least bring a book or a tablet. You can watch TV shows or play video games on it. You might put in some earbuds and enjoy a playlist on your smartphone.

If you try taking the bus across the country, you can break up the trip into smaller segments. You might ride for a while, then stop and enjoy a city or recreation spot before getting back on and traveling some more.


You can buy a train ticket and take a train, and you can get the family tickets as well. You can pay less than plane fare in most cases, though trains usually cost a decent amount as well.

You can probably drive and spend less, or you can take a Greyhound and spend less as well. Trains travel faster, though. They can’t match an airplane’s speed, but they can get you where you’re going relatively quickly.

With trains, you can only take one if there’s one available. Some trains travel across the East Coast. You can hop on a train that takes the New York City route and drops you in Boston or Philly. You can’t easily find one that goes across the country, though. This country does not have a very extensive train system.

If you have the train option, then that might work because kids often love trains. You can show your young children the country flashing past outside the window. You might eat in the dining car or sleep in one of the more luxurious cabins. These cabins cost more, and getting a simple seat with the other people saves you money.

Think about what transportation works best and get ready. Your trip might turn into a nice activity that breaks up the routine and refreshes your spirit.  

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