Children’s Christmas Gift Ideas You Will Love

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Children’s Christmas Gift Ideas – This post includes gifted items and some I have purchased myself.

Christmas is around the corner. My daughter reminded me last night and I’m so glad I’ve been working on the gifts for Sylvia, friends, and family as I have some fantastic items this year. I can’t wait to pop my Christmas Pyjamas on and start wrapping these amazing gifts for kids. 

I wanted to create a Children’s gift guide based upon the types of products I love and would gift to others. The following items were gifted to The Inspiration Edit and will be used as Christmas presents for family members and children who I know will love these items for Christmas. Enjoy! 

christmas gift guide for kids

Whilst the giving and receiving of gifts is so so fun, it’s also great to light the world at Christmas, to do a kind deed, serve others and be kind. You may enjoy our post…. 20 Ways to spread Kindness in December and If you want a printable calendar with suggestions for Christmas Kindness For Kids, then read this fantastic post!

So here are our top Children’s Christmas gift ideas for 2023. Which items do you like and what will you be buying your child for Christmas?

Please do let me know in the comments at the end of this post. 

Gifts for Little Ones

Bobux Shoes

I’ll begin by sharing some gift ideas for the youngest family members. If you have a baby in the family, then you may want to gift them some beautiful Bobux Soft sole Toffee fox shoes. Thee shoes are super cute and a gorgeous first pair of shoes for a baby in the family.

This year we also have a pair of Bobux Paddington Boots for the youngest girl in our family and I am super excited to see Daisy in her new boots.

bobux shoes for kids

Personalised Gifts for Babies

If you want to gift a personalised item to a little one then why not get a baby’s first Christmas ornament or a fantastic personalised bamboo plate for feeding time. These are small and budget friendly and lovely gifts for the small ones.

personalied baby gift

Kids Gift Ideas for Christmas

These Christmas gift ideas are super cute, fun and great for both boys and girls. Enjoy! 


Squeezamals are super cute, super adorable and super squishy. This is a great gift for any child this Christmas and one I know my daughter is going to love! These are great children’s Christmas gift ideas and one my daughter is going to love. 


Christmas Eve Box

Start Christmas early and gift your child a lovely Christmas Eve box full of treats and goodies to enjoy the night before Christmas. This lovely engraved Christmas Eve Box comes from Norma and Dorothy and is absolutely darling. I love it and my daughter does too! 

Christmas Eve Box

Disney Festive Fairies Advent Calendar

With this 12 days of Christmas gift set, your child can enjoy a little surprise each day in the lead up to Christmas! Tinkerbell is one of Disney’s most endearing characters know for her sparkles and fairy dust. I’m sure this gift idea would go down well with any child this festive season. 

disney fairies advent calendar

Scratch off Kids Animals of the World Print

If you’re child is a fan of animals then they may love this scratch off animals of the world print available from Maps International! Whether it’s a zoo animal or safari animal this fun and educational map is a great Christmas gift idea for kids. 

Wicked Active Indoor Toys for Kids

If you’re looking for some active indoor friendly toys which are great for the home or even during lockdown why not try the Mega Jump skipping rope, the Mega Bounce bouncy ball and the Indoor Booma. These are all fun toys for kids and great stocking fillers. You could even use these as secret Santa gifts! Now that would be fantastic.

wicked toys

Disney Frozen Ii ‘True Friendship’ Board Game

The Frozen II True Friendship Board game is a fun and exciting game for children aged 4 and over. Kids take in turns trying to reach Elsa before the Water Nokk catches them. A great fun Christmas idea for Frozen fans! 

fROZEN Disney True Friendship board Game

Pin Art 3D Impression 

If you’re looking for something unique this Christmas then why not purchase this pin art 3D impressions novelty toy. Pin  Art is a great way for kids to practice their artistic side by creating 3D sculptures of anything they like. 

3d pin art

Flamingo and Unicorn Lunch Bags

You might want to gift your child a fantastic new lunch box for Christmas. If so then why not check out these lovely Bibetta lunch bags, they are cute and made of neoprene to naturally insulate and keep food at the right temperature. You could also fill it with treats for Christmas. Now that’s a great idea.

Juice Portable Power Bank 

If your kids love gadgets the way my daughter does then this Juice Power bank could come in really handy as a Christmas gift. Sylvia has been asking for a power bank and I’m sure she will be excited to have this portable gadget. It’s perfect for smartphones, Iphones and Ipads. 

Juice Portable Power Bank

Smiggle Frozen Light up Diary and Stationary Kit

If you’re child loves stationary and is a Frozen fan then these Smiggle products would be great for Christmas. gift your child a Smiggle diary and stationary kit. I’m sure they will love this as much as my daughter will. 

Smiggle Frozen Light Up Diary

Locks in Goodness Products for Kids

Does your child have knotty hair or are you looking for great child friendly products that are budget friendly? If so you may want to add the Locks In Goodness Shampoo, conditioner, hair smoothie or hair gel to your child. This would be a great stocking filler and smells so lush.

Locks of goodness

Dachshund Plush Christmas Gift

This Dachshund Plush from Melissa and Doug is super cute and adorable and a great gift for a child who loves dogs. That is why I have this gift wrapped up under the tree for my daughter. I know she is going to love this amazing plush dog on Christmas Day!

Daschaund plush

Puro Sound Labs PuroQuiet Noise Cancelling Headphones

These fantastic noise cancelling Headphones are a great gift for little people to enjoy. As the kids use technology more and more headphones are becoming more popular and these Puro Sound Labs headphones are both wireless, have 22 hours of battery life and isolate noise. What a fantastic Christmas idea! 

Puro Noise reducing Headphones

Mini Blo Pens Kit 

If your child is into art then they will love this mini blo pens kit. This fun activity allows you to create arty airbrushed pictures and projects and is sure to be a big hit with the kids this Christmas. 

Mini Blo Pens

So Magic DIY Wonder Garden

This So Magic DIY Wonder Garden is a great fun activity for kids to enjoy. Why not gift this colourful sand and stones activity set for a special child in your life. I’m sure they will love this Wonder Garden set. Designed for kids aged 6 and over. 

So magic DIY Wonder Garden

Rubix Cube

My daughter has been asking for a Rubix cube for some time and this year she will receive one. Rubix cubes are fantastic fun and encourage problem solving. They make a great novelty gift for kids and are built to last! 

Rubix Cube Christmas Gift

Frozen Ii Movie Puzzle

With the release of Frozen II just before Christmas, this Frozen II movie puzzle will be a huge hit with the kids. Why not gift this 50 piece brightly coloured Disney Frozen Anna and Elsa puzzle and help support your kids problem solving and development through an interest based puzzle. 

Frozen Movie Puzzle Jigsaw


Have you seen the super cute Nestlings toy advertised on TV? We did and we absolutely love them. My daughter has a Nestling which is fun, interactive and lays her own babies. Nestlings are a great gift for a boy or girl this festive season.


Disney Princess Jasmine Headband

Why not gift your child a Disney Princess Jasmine headband. This is super cute and soft and will be fun to wear any time. My daughter is going to love this Disney themed headband. 

princess jasmine headband

Blume Doll

This is a fantastic and fun kids toy. Water the Blume plant pot and once open watch your Blume grow and find a surprise Blume doll inside. This is a great gift especially for kids who love the surprise factor in a toy. 

blume doll for christmas

Playmobil Movie Set: Marla in Fairytale Castle

The Playmobil Fairytale Castle Movie Set is a fantastic play set for kids to enjoy. Kids can play with Marla in her beautiful fairytale castle, along with the Fairy GodMother, Unicorn and cute forest animals. This is a fantastic Playmobil set and one the kids will love as a Christmas present. 

playmobil fairy castle

Flamingo Slippers

You’ll want to keep your kids feet toasty warm this winter season and what better way to do this than with a pair of novelty Flamingo slipper. They are super cute, soft and fun to wear. These will make a great Christmas gift! 

flamingo slippers

I hope you loved these fabulous Christmas Gift Ideas for kids and good luck with you’re Christmas shopping this year!

Angela Milnes is a Qualified Early Years Teacher who has specialised in Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. She has a wealth of experience teaching young children and is passionate about kids crafts and having fun as a family. Angela has also taught cooking skills and loves to share both family recipes and easy crafts here on The Inspiration Edit. Follow her on Pinterest!

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  1. What a great list. My kiddos are older this year (11 and up) so preteen and teens. We have the Powerbank and headphones on our list for sure.

  2. OKAY THANK YOU for this list because I legit know NOTHING about kid toys yet I have nieces and nephews that are probably going to want some gifts this year! hahahaha!

  3. You just made my Christmas shopping a whole lot easier. I am like 60% done with my Christmas shopping, but I still have to find gifts for my godchildren and for my 3 nieces. That Dachshund plush toy is perfect for my niece Hannah.

  4. We have never done a Christmas Eve box, but they look really good! What an extra surprise that would be on the night!

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