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Planning a bathroom remodel? A complete overhaul of any room is a big undertaking, but perhaps the bathroom most of all. The fixtures can be expensive, and installation will require the work of a skilled tradesman. Whatever you end up with will be fairly permanent. These tips will help you avoid wrong steps and bring your vision to life.  “Are you in living in (USA, Houston)?! You’re lucky! You know why?! There’s a professional company of skilled workers specializes in kitchen and bathroom remodeling houston based to help you reshape your views and give you outstanding visions to get the most out of your home spaces. It could be your best option to have the best bath remodel.”

Be Clear On Your Needs

Your starting point should be a complete understanding of your family’s priorities. Is the new bathroom for you and your partner only, or will you share the space with kids? Do you have a disabled family member who has special requirements? Beyond access and safety considerations, ask yourself other questions about your daily habits. Do you prefer to shower or bath? Is your bathroom a space to relax for hours and read a book, or an in-out kind of affair?

Get Inspired

The design stage is a great time to seek inspiration in magazines or online. You could also pop in to your local bathroom specialist like Victorian Bathrooms 4U to soak up some inspiration and quiz a professional about how to maximise your space. While designing your bathroom is the most exciting part, don’t get carried away and stray too far from your priorities. 

A clear understanding of what you need from the space will help you avoid being drawn into gorgeous ideas you see in magazines that are not perfectly suited to your needs. And remember to draw on your own creativity, too. Whether you make your own soaps or paint a mural, a bathroom is the perfect room to showcase your artistic side. 

Finalise Your Layout

Forget your bathroom’s current layout and imagine how you would like your bathroom to be. Have you ever stayed at a hotel that had an especially amazing bathroom? Imagine creating that for yourself. If it suits your needs, then why not have a waterfall showerhead? Likewise, if your current layout works for you, don’t rearrange it for the sake of novelty as moving pipes and reorganising drainage is a pricey job.

Ventilation, Ventilation, Ventilation

Your extractor fan is not going to be the sexiest feature of your new bathroom, this is true. But, if you don’t take ventilation seriously, your bathroom risks becoming damp and mouldy. An important thing to remember about dampness is that it can creep up on you without your noticing. Because a bathroom is used every day, it’s easy to stop seeing signs of damp accumulating until it’s too late and mould has properly set in.

An open window is handy, but it will not replace proper ventilation solutions, especially if you want to keep your bathroom warm in winter. If your bathroom is an en suite, you want to take special care, as dampness can spread into your bedroom and damage your furniture, walls and carpets. 

Smart Storage

One of the simplest ways to make your bathroom as stylish as the fabulous examples you see in the magazines is to make sure your toiletries are stored out of sight. Effective storage is an often overlooked feature of great bathrooms.

A wall-mounted cabinet is a great option, as the doors can double as mirrors above the basin. They can also be used to conceal unattractive chargers and plug fixtures for your electronic devices like shavers and toothbrushes.

And don’t forget shower clutter: nothing messier than mildewy shampoo bottles standing on the edge of the shower. Hooks or hanging racks work well, and you can use a suction adherent rather than a fixed hook if you prefer. 

Dreamy Lighting

One of the biggest mistakes many people make when planning a bathroom is going for bright fluorescent lighting.

If you are intentional and creative with lighting sources in other rooms in your house, why not treat your bathroom to the same consideration? Because a bathroom has many functions, it’s best to incorporate different lighting options.

A dimmer switch is a handy solution, especially if you frequently wake up in the middle of the night and need to use the bathroom.

The bright light will hurt your eyes and stop you from going back to sleep, so it’s helpful to have a dimming option, and bonus points for a motion sensor! Soft lighting creates a soothing atmosphere for a relaxing soak in the bath, whereas a flick switch above the basin to illuminate a back-lit mirror is perfect when you need to do your makeup.

When you’re considering lighting options, check your choices against your list of priorities to ensure that your needs and wants are covered. 

The Perfect Tiles

If you’re looking for ways to put your personal stamp on your dream bathroom, tiles are the perfect accent. Choices are endless, from size to pattern and colour, and you needn’t limit your tile madness to the floor only: shower walls and the area above the basin can be decorated with tiles.

Before you set yourself loose in the tile depot, it’s worth considering how long you want your bathroom remodel to work for you.

If you plan on keeping your new bathroom for life, you may wish to avoid anything overtly trendy, as your brilliant new tiles may go out of style well before you’re ready to remodel your bathroom again. However, if you’re the kind of person who likes to change things up on a regular basis, feel free to play around with the latest tile trends. t

Decide on a Work Plan

How you go about having your bathroom redone will depend on your DIY skills and your budget. You might decide to go the whole hog and get a full bathroom installed by a bathroom specialist. Or you could design the layout yourself, select the fittings and accents, and have a tradesman do the installation for you.

Finally, if you have good DIY skills, you could attempt to do the work yourself (with the help of a plumber, of course!). Even if you’re a DIY fanatic, don’t attempt anything you’ve never done before. For example, a botched tiling job could result in your having to purchase new materials and call in an expert anyway, which will make the whole job more expensive. 

Whether you’re after the bathroom of your dreams or a functional family space, these tips will help you ensure that your remodel ticks all your boxes. 

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