8 Exciting Fall Activities to Bond With Kids

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When your yard fills with fallen leaves, you might start daydreaming about ways to enjoy autumn with your family. You can schedule all your traditional events, but consider adding these exciting fall activities to your autumn bucket list. They’ll help you create memories and bond with your kids in ways they’ll never forget.

One sure fire way to get the kids laughing is to share jokes. You can find a list of playful fall jokes for kids here.

1. Race Into Leaf Piles

Grab a rake and head outside on the next sunny afternoon. Create an obstacle course in your yard with a big pile of leaves at the finish line. Your kids will love racing from the same starting line and completing obstacles like:

  • Jumping in and out of pool floaties.
  • Jumping rope 10 times in a row.
  • Weaving between sticks stuck in the ground.
  • Leaping over a lone skateboard.
  • Making a big bubble with a bubble wand.

The first kid to complete the course and jump in the leaf pile wins a prize. An extra scoop of ice cream that night or an extra 30 minutes of TV before bedtime on Friday night will make their whole week. 

2. Pick Apples Together

Local apple farms allow everyone to harvest their own fruit during the fall. It’ll be fun for your kids to see how apples grow and taste the delicious reward of their hard work when you get back home. Whether you bake their apples into pies, slice them into snacks or add them to salads, the high amounts of fiber and nutrients will support your family’s well-being.

3. Make Clay Leaf Presses

If your child picks up a gorgeous leaf and stares at it in wonder, use it as inspiration. You could purchase a crafting kit with clay and blend the colors together to capture the leaf’s hue. Press the leaf into the clay while it’s soft, and leave it in place until the clay dries. Remember to let your child trace their name or initials beside the leaf to mark their latest creation.

After drying overnight, you should be able to remove the leaf and see the imprint. It’s a cute, quick craft that kids of most ages can participate in. Use the new art piece as decoration to celebrate their eye for beauty.

4. Ride Horses Around a Farm

Research your city and the surrounding area to see if there are any horse farms nearby. They often host afternoon sessions where kids can try riding horses. Ponies carry small children, while horses carry older kids and teenagers. A guide walks each horse around the selected trail.

Ask if your family wants to try the experience this autumn. You’ll get some cute pictures while they create exciting memories.

5. Make Candles for Jack-O’-Lanterns

Anyone can buy a tealight and stick it inside a jack-o’-lantern — you’ve likely done it in the past after carving pumpkins with your kids. This year, why not try something different? Search craft stores for candle-making kits. You could make small candles that fit inside your pumpkins to give your kids a new pumpkin-carving experience. 

6. Eat Creative S’Mores

Telling spooky stories over a campfire in your backyard is fun, but it wouldn’t feel complete without s’mores. Enjoy a few traditional s’mores with marshmallows and chocolate bars, then change it up. Let your kids experiment with new ingredients in place of the chocolate, like:

  • REESE’S Peanut Butter Cups
  • Snickers
  • Chocolate chip cookies
  • Carmel candies
  • Oreos

Making their own s’mores is a fun activity for your kids. If they get tired of autumn s’mores, delicious brownie mug cakes and mini apple pies will taste just as delicious on a chilly fall night.

7. Create a Haunted House at Home

Sometimes, haunted attractions are too scary or intimidating for kids. If your kids feel that way but still want to do something spooky, turn your home into a haunted house.

Everyone could decorate a room or two with elements from a haunted house, like skeletons, fake spiderwebs and motion-activated decor. Let your kids dress up and invite their friends over. They’ll spend the day giggling over ways to scare each other in an environment where they feel comfortable.

8. Camp in Your Backyard

Families often plan fall camping trips because the weather is more enjoyable and the scenery is extra gorgeous. Let your kids try the experience without driving somewhere far from home. Camp in your backyard by pitching a tent on a Friday night.

One of the first rules of camping is checking the weather report to ensure it won’t be too rainy or windy during your backyard adventure. You’ll have tons of fun under the stars, especially because your kids will feel more at ease with their beds just a few steps away.

Try Exciting Fall Activities This Year

Create memories with your kids this autumn by trying these exciting fall activities. You’ll find something fun to do together no matter your kids’ ages or interests. Let them pick the ideas they want to try, and you’ll have a blast throughout the fall season!

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