6 Gifts Ideas for Women

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Some men think buying gifts for their girlfriends is really difficult, when it’s not. Don’t overthink it, it’s the sentimentality that matters. But don’t go in the opposite direction and just buy anything because “it’s the thought that counts”. The thought counts for a lot less when there’s no effort put forth.

I was a bit of a “serial dater” in my younger years, and while I’m not entirely proud of the trail of broken hearts I’ve left behind, I do have a bit of wisdom to share on what kinds of gifts will actually score you points with your girlfriend.

Adorable Room Decors

This can be dangerous territory, as women (and men) can be very preferential about their room decor. However if you feel like you know your girlfriend’s tastes pretty well, this shouldn’t be too hard. And if you don’t know your girlfriend’s tastes that well, maybe you should make note of a few things the next time you’re over her place for a bit of “Netflix and chill”.

You can’t go wrong with a few basics, once you know her color schemes. Throw blankets, comforters – it’s scientifically proven that women tend to feel colder than men in the same room. Also, women can never seem to have enough throw pillows. They also seem to love vinyl wall stickers with trendy phrases like “Live Laugh Love” and little birds flying out of the letters.

Roses for the Win: 6 Gifts Ideas for Women

When you need to communicate your unending adoration for your girlfriend, you have to pick some sentimental things for her. A bunch of red roses can be an ideal gift to cause her to feel adored.

You can plan a lovely bouquet to make her smile. Roses are ideal to show your enthusiasm and love for her. You can likewise make a love greeting with sentimental statements for your caring girlfriend. It will be an ideal gift hamper to bring her happiness to the next level.

Something You Made

If you’re handy with your hands, your girlfriend may appreciate something you made just for her. Now, that’s not an excuse to slap together a bookshelf using 2 angle brackets and plywood. Functional, yes, but not exactly aesthetic.

I’ll give a personal example. I like to paint – I’m not great, but I think I do some pretty good Bob Ross inspired landscapes. So anyway I was dating this girl for a couple months, and I gave her a beach landscape painting I made. I used a nice pearl violet glaze to give it an ethereal sky, with touches of silver to the moon, because girls like that stuff right?

We both acted like it was no big deal when I gave it to her, but the next time I went to her apartment, it was hanging right next to her bed.

Personalized Jewelry Gift

Girlfriends love receiving jewelry from their boyfriends. For some reason jewelry is considered a token of significance and seriousness in a relationship, even though we probably spent 15 minutes comparing pendants in the jewelry store.

You have a lot of options to choose from, you could start from necklace to bracelet designs if you want some colorful jewelry so one tip I have is to consider the kind of jewelry your girlfriend wears, and stick to something safe. Just consider her favorite colors for the pendant stones, and you almost can’t go wrong.

If you buy her a ring, make sure you know her ring size.

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