4 Activities for Your Kids to Learn While Having Fun

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It is imperative that you introduce your kids to new ways of learning – not only is this essentia for their personal growth, it is also important for them to get accustomed to multiple and unique ways of learning new things. While teachers in schools come up with new methods to teach your little ones new concepts everyday, their school is not the only place they should be learning. Homes should also serve as places to teach and educate kids everyday, by introducing learning activities that are disguised as fun games and activities. By doing these activities, you are sure to make them learn a new thing or two everyday:

Get a Dna Testing Kit

While this may sound like a very serious activity for a kid, a home DNA test kit is actually a super fun activity for your child to indulge it. The idea behind getting your kid to try a DNA testing kit is that it would educate them about their ancestry and explain in detail where their ancestors come from. Your child would get to learn a ton about their history as a result, and would add to creating a perspective of their self in their eyes. It would do wonders for their confidence and personal development as well.

Make them write something 

Writing is an excellent skill that your child can learn. You should assign them little topics to write about everyday. For instance, you could ask them to write a letter to their best friend, or a letter to your grandpa. you could ask them to write about what they love about their school the most or about their favorite teacher. the topics are endless and each would teach your child something unique. You could also correct their writing later on to improve them or make them read it out aloud to improve their reading skills. How about writing a letter to the Queen?

Get Them to Play With Colors

Kids of all ages love playing with colors and learning about them. Playing with color and learning about them allows them to build on their artistic abilities and helps them open up their mind to creative dimensions. there are a number of activities you can make your child do such as gathering colorful crayons, playing color match, getting them to draw rainbows, etc. Playing with colors also helps develop motor skills in your children and contributes to their aesthetic sense. 

Have Fun With Counting

Counting skills are indispensable when it comes to developing your child’s skills. This includes making sure they are good at numbers and counting things. there are a number of activities you can make them do to improve their counting skills which include making them count their favorite objects, making them color numbers, making them recite a number song, etc. This would also contribute towards their mathematics skills and help them in school.

Perform Science Experiments

Basic science experiments such as the volcano experiment featuring a soft drink and mentos are recommended activities for kids. you do not have to do anything dangerous to teach them a thing or two about science and you do not need any high tech gadgets either.

Plant and garden together

By making your children make a garden, you can ensure that they learn about science while building immunity in their bodies. They would learn new things about plant life, nutrition and would learn to appreciate the beauty of nature.

By spending time and planning such activities for your children, you can ensure that you bond with them over a period of time and that you truly create a learning experience for them within the boundaries of your home. Children who learn both inside and outside the classroom tend to have a well rounded perspective about life, and do very well in academics.

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