Celebrate Christmas With a Magical Letter From Santa

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Getting a letter from Santa is super fun and easy – In collaboration with Real Santa Letters!

As a child I always loved the Christmas season, from the smell of fresh mince pies baking in the oven to wrapping up gifts for family members and visiting the elderly at the old people’s home to sing carols and spread cheer. 

In fact, the one thing I particularly loved about the festive season was going to the annual Christmas party where if you listened carefully, you might hear the bells jingle as Rudolf landed on the roof followed by Santa appearing on the stage with a sack full of gifts, one for each child. 

Seeing Santa was the highlight of the season and he would always ask me if I’d been good and what I would like for Christmas. 

Visiting Santa At His Grotto 

As a Mother, I’ve had the opportunity to take my own child to visit Santa at his Grotto and it always a special occasion for each and every child as they get that special one on one moment with the man who’s coming to visit on Christmas Eve. 

A Letter From Santa

At school, when I was young we were encouraged to write letters to Santa and post them in the post box in the school hall. I often wondered if Santa had help to read all those letters and understood that he simply would not have enough time to respond to everyone, especially as he was busy preparing gifts for children all around the world.

Receiving a letter from Santa would have been super special to me as a child and when I discovered that you can order a special letter from Santa for your child, I thought it was a brilliant idea. 

Real Santa Letters Mail Service

Real Santa Letters is a fantastic service in the UK that delivers personalised letters to children via the Royal Mail.  

A personalised letter from Santa is such a magical thing. It’s not only exciting and fun but a great way to remind the kids to be good in the run up to Christmas. 

Written from Santa’s desk and delivered in an envelope from The North Pole, Real Santa Letters can create a magical experience for children and spread a little Christmas joy during the festive season. 

One of the things that make letters from Santa extra special is the fact they are personalised. You can send details and information to make your child’s letter unique and bespoke to them. 

Letters From the North Pole

There is also the option to get a certificate from the North Pole, activity sheets to keep the kids busy and you can even order Christmas stickers and reindeer food, making the letter from Santa and experience even more special. 

Real Santa Letters are available to children both in the UK and all around the world. In fact you can order a letter from Santa from many countries including the USA, Canada and New Zealand. 

Getting letters from Santa and a Good child certificate is not only fun, it can reinforce positive behaviour and help little ones to feel a sense of achievement due to the fact they have succeeded in being good for Santa. 

Man in santa claus costume winking

If you’d like to get a letter from Father Christmas for your child or a friend’s child then pop on over to Real Santa Letters and check out the budget friendly and fun options available. 

It’s a great way to add a little magic to your child’s Christmas, especially if you’re in a location where you’re in lockdown or have restrictions effecting and the usual Santa visits that might take place at Christmas time. 

We will be ordering a letter or two for my nieces and nephews. How about you?

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