The Ultimate Way to Explore the Globe: Round the World Flights

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For any avid traveller, setting off on an adventure around the world is the ultimate dream. While what to wear on a long haul flight might not be the first thing on your mind, the proper travel outfit is essential to ensure your journey is as enjoyable as your destinations. Read on to find out how to stay comfortable throughout your journey with round the world flights, the ultimate way to explore the globe.

As you start your adventure, be prepared for long flight legs and multiple layovers. Since these trips can stretch 20 hours or more, comfort should be your top priority when choosing an outfit for these lengthy flights. You want attire that will allow you to relax and rest as much as possible during your time in transit. Hence, loose, stretchy clothes that don’t restrict movement are best. Pieces like sweatpants and yoga pants, paired with soft, casual t-shirts and hoodies, make excellent choices. Sneakers are ideal footwear for easy removal during security and on board, as your feet might swell a little as you travel long distances in the air. Remember, being comfy is far more important than making a fashion statement while waiting at the gate.

Ultimate Way to Explore the Globe

Selecting Your Travel Wardrobe

Temperature is another key factor when selecting your in-flight wardrobe for round the world flights. You want pieces that can be easily adapted as climate conditions change. Keep in mind the climate at your original departure airport may be different than the temperature onboard the aircraft itself or at your final destination halfway across the globe. Layering pieces of clothing that can be removed or added allows you to adapt to these varying conditions during your journey. Meanwhile, tying a jacket around your waist or stashing it in your carry-on bag lets you cover up if disembarking into cooler weather at your destination.

One specific item that should be in every seasoned traveller’s bag for round the world flights is compression socks. These socks help prevent deep vein thrombosis, a dangerous condition that can occur when staying seated and immobile in the same position over extremely long periods. The medical-grade compression these socks apply promotes healthy blood circulation in your calves and feet, keeping your blood flowing despite lack of movement. Thankfully, today’s compression socks come in far more stylish and comfortable materials and designs than the thick clinical variants of the past. Thus, pack a pair or two before starting your adventure!

Now that we have covered the essentials of your flight outfit, let’s talk about the allure of round the world flights and what makes these tickets so unique.

Booking the Right Flight

A key perk of round the world flights is the convenience. You book one fare with a travel consultant and gain access to multiple airlines aligned with the airline alliance providing the ticket. This means you can travel on a mix of carriers without the hassle of re-booking flights each leg. Your bags will seamlessly be checked through each transfer as well, avoiding tedious re-claiming and check-ins.

But the greatest benefit is the ability to encircle the planet in one incredible trip. The classic round the world route from Sydney includes major stopovers in London, Bangkok, and Los Angeles. However, more exotic and adventurous routes are available these days, as you could journey across South America, explore lesser-visited parts of Asia, or island-hop the South Pacific. The only limits are your time and budget. 

Get in touch with a specialised travel agency today to find round the world flights that fit your dream itinerary and budget. Your world adventure is ready to take flight!

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