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Going Back To Your Roots As A Chronically Unwell Mum

Well this week I had a huge revelation, I realised there was a huge part of me missing in my personal blogosphere as a chronically unwell mum. How and why it has taken so long to work this out I do not know, but I finally realised I need to start writing from the heart more often and decided to go back to my roots and write more about my experiences as a mother with chronic illness.

chronically unwell mum

I wrote a blog post called I am a parent with chronic illness which goes into a little more detail on why I hid myself and focussed on “other” aspects of blogging for the past 6 months or so. I guess sometimes others can influence you and you don’t even realise it.

I’m kicking myself now thinking why on earth did I listen to rubbish advice. I guess my confidence must have been pretty poor. Anyway the adjustments have begun and today I am writing about going back to my roots.

My blog journey began when I was in utter despair. My life sucked. I was stuck in bed all the time. I still am stuck in bed a lot, I have a chronic illness and it’s not going to go away but I was really miserable and decided to start writing about it….AND SO MY BLOGGING JOURNEY BEGAN.

It’s been a roller coaster of a ride to this point and I’ve had a name change from Days in bed to The inspiration Edit, won awards and had my fair share of trolls but the one constant in everything I’ve been through is that I am still chronically unwell.

I have adrenal insufficiency, human growth hormone deficiency, Chronic fatigue, Inability to saturate Iron and struggle over and over with Vitamin D, B12, Zinc and Folate. The life saving steroid medication I took since developing Adrenal Insufficiency damaged my ability to absorb vitamins and minerals and therefore one medication causes other health issues.

Well, the great news is after a 6 month wait, I saw a Haematologist and he diagnosed my Iron issue. He arranged for me to have an Iron Infusion and I am having this today. Heck by the time you have read this I may have even had my infusion. I am nervous. I do not know what to expect. It will be my first Iron infusion but I am hopeful it will help with the exhaustion I have been suffering from since 2016. It’s been awful.

I could have gone to London and paid £400 to see a private doctor but it was out of my price range so I’ve been patiently waiting to be treated by the NHS and it is my turn tomorrow. I am going to write about it and share my experience in case anyone else has to go through this and is wondering what is involved.

I am a chronically unwell mum and so my Facebook should represent that!

I changed my Facebook page name from The Inspiration Edit to The Inspiration Edit, Family lifestyle and parenting with chronic illness. I want to grow my following based on who I really am. Within 24 hours I lost 200 followers from my Facebook page. Yes that sucks but it’s probably a good thing. What is the point following someone if you are not interested in their content?

Well I am excited. I am finally going to start writing again, my style, Angela’s style and I feel good about it. I won’t be asking for advise and seeking approval. I am going to be me and yes I will continue to share fantastic ideas on family and fun but I want to share more on my health journey as so I will.

I hope you enjoy following along.

Angela x