How the Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike Can Make Life Easier

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The thrill of zipping past congested streets on an electric trike, with the wind in their hair and a smile on their face, is an unparalleled joy many yearn for in the hustle and bustle of city life. The Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike embodies this dream, offering a seamless blend of convenience, style, and performance for the modern urban explorer.

Let’s discuss what makes the Addmotor Citytri a game-changer in urban mobility and how it could become the most cherished part of an individual’s daily routine.

the Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike

An Overview of Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike

At the heart of the Addmotor Citytri lies a powerful electric motor engineered to provide reliable propulsion and impressive torque for smooth acceleration. This means the e trike can tackle inclines with minimal effort.

Complemented by a high-capacity battery, the Addmotor Citytri promises extended range on a single charge, making it ideal for short commutes and longer adventures around the city.

Understanding the diverse needs of its riders, Addmotor has meticulously crafted the Citytri with a step-through design, ensuring easy access for riders of all ages and abilities. The adjustable handlebar and seating configurations offer a customizable riding experience, prioritizing comfort and ergonomics without compromising on the thrill of the ride.

And it’s not just about comfort, safety, and performance – this adult electric trike has a sleek, modern design to cruise the city streets in style.

Core Specs

 Battery  960Ah UL-Certified Samsung Cell Battery Pack
 Motor  Addmotor 48V*750W Rear-Mounted Motor with 90Nm Torque
 Range Per Charge  Up to 90+ Miles
 Top Speed  20 mph
 Throttle  1/2 Twist Throttle for Variable Speed Control
 Controller  Addmotor 25A Controller
Charger 48V*2.0A US-Standard DC Charger with 5 Pins with Auto Magnetic Suction
 Pedal Assist  7 Levels
 Tires  20″ X 2.4″ Front Tires and 18″ X 2.4″ Rear Tires
 Brakes  Addmotor Parking Brake System
 Maximum Load Capacity  350 lbs.
 Foldable  Yes
 Lights  EB 2.0 Lighting System
 5-in-1 Taillight  Yes

Unlocking the Many Features and Advantages of the Citytri Electric Trike

Remarkable Structure and Design

the Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike

The Citytri is not an ordinary adult electric trike. It is made with tough aircraft-grade aluminum alloy (7020 aluminum alloy on the tail end and 6061 aluminum alloy on the head) with a step-through frame for easy mounting and dismounting.

This electric trike also features a U-shaped handlebar with an adjustable stem to customize the riding position for optimal comfort. It weighs 86 lbs. but can be folded to fit it in tight spots or the car’s trunk, making it super convenient to take it anywhere.

The Addmotor Citytri comes in three versions (Standard, Mini, and Plus) and five colors (Candy Red, Grey, Yellow, Army Green, and Neptune Blue).

Extensive Battery Life for Extended Adventures

The Addmotor Citytri comes with a high-capacity, UL-certified battery to cover long distances in one go. Boasting an impressive range of up to 90 miles (150 km) on a single charge, this electric trike is a reliable partner for all urban and adventure needs.

Robust Electric Assistance for a Seamless Riding Experience

the Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike

This adult electric trike promises unmatched acceleration and power for a smooth riding experience. The trike’s motor, boasting a peak torque of 90Nm and the ability to surge up to 1400W, delivers exceptional performance on all terrains.

Built-in Safety Features

The Three-Wheeled Design

Rider safety and comfort are a given on this electric trike. Its three-wheeled design ensures balance even on uneven terrains, significantly reducing the risk of tipping over compared to two-wheeled counterparts.

Ease of Maneuverability

The Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike stands out for its exceptional ease of maneuverability. Its intuitive steering system allows for smooth, precise movements, enabling riders to navigate through tight spaces and crowded areas with confidence. Furthermore, the trike’s low center of gravity enhances stability and improves handling, reducing the risk of accidents caused by sudden turns or stops.

Differential for Improved Stability

The inclusion of a differential in the Citytri marks a significant advancement in terms of rider safety and stability. This mechanical feature allows the two rear wheels to rotate at different speeds. This ensures the trike can navigate curves more smoothly and with greater stability to reduce the risk of tipping over or skidding. Especially on slippery surfaces or during sharp turns, the differential provides a balanced power distribution between the wheels. As a result, riders enjoy a safer and more controlled riding experience.

Secured Braking System

The Citytri has an advanced braking system, which includes disc brakes on all three wheels to ensure maximum control and efficient stopping under all conditions. The inclusion of brakes on each wheel significantly reduces the stopping distance, even at high speeds or on wet and slippery surfaces. The consistent and reliable braking force also allows smooth deceleration and enhanced control during emergency stops.

Reflective Tires

To enhance rider safety, this electric trike employs the strategic use of reflective tires, which significantly improve visibility under low-light conditions. These tires incorporate a reflective material on the sidewalls, which catches and bounces back light from street lamps, headlights, and other sources. This innovative design ensures that the trike stands out in the dark from various angles, alerting motorists and pedestrians to the rider’s presence and position on the road.

EB 2.0 Lighting System

the Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike

The in-built EB 2.0 Lighting system is a cutting-edge feature designed to ensure maximum visibility and safety for riders at all times. This comprehensive lighting system includes ultra-bright LED headlights, tail lights, and turn signals, illuminating the path ahead while signaling the rider’s intentions to others on the road.

Furthermore, the system is integrated into the trike’s power source. This means the lights are always operational when the trike is in use without draining essential battery life.

Smart Sensors                                                                 

The trike’s speed sensor plays a critical role in adjusting its power output based on the rider’s pedaling pace for smooth acceleration and deceleration. This intelligent system contributes to a safer ride by preventing unexpected surges in speed, allowing for more controlled navigation through diverse traffic conditions and terrains.

Additionally, the handlebar is equipped with built-in buttons, enabling riders to easily control the trike’s functions without removing their hands from the handlebar. This helps maintain stability and focus while adjusting speed settings, activating the lighting system, or using other electronic features.

User Experience and Comfort

Suspension System

The Citytri Electric Trike’s advanced suspension system is designed to absorb shocks and vibrations from uneven road surfaces, reducing the physical stress transferred to the rider. Whether navigating through city potholes, country roads, or uneven trails, the suspension system maintains a high level of comfort, allowing for longer, more enjoyable rides without the discomfort of constant jarring.

Ergonomic Seating

The lower seating position of this adult electric trike allows for a more relaxed posture, reducing strain on the back, shoulders, and arms during rides. The lower center of gravity contributes to improved stability and control and easier mounting and dismounting, making the trike accessible to riders of various ages and abilities.

LCD Display

The state-of-the-art LCD enhances the rider’s experience by offering easy access to vital information and controls. This user-friendly interface shows real-time data such as speed, distance traveled, battery life, and more, allowing riders to monitor their trike’s performance and plan their journeys effectively.

Extra Accessories

There is an option to add racks in the front and rear of the vehicle. Additionally, the Citytri has three fenders, one in the front and two in the rear wheels.

7 Ways Citytri Trike Adds Value to Day-to-Day Life

The Citytri adds value to daily life in the following ways.

1. Enhanced Mobility and Accessibility

The Addmotor Citytri opens up a new avenue of mobility, especially for those who may find traditional bikes challenging. Its three-wheeled design and lower seating position make it accessible to a wide range of people, including seniors and those with mobility issues, enabling them to travel independently and enjoy the outdoors.

2. Eco-Friendly Commuting

Riders can embrace a greener lifestyle by using the Citytri for daily commutes. This electric trike is an eco-friendly alternative to gas-powered vehicles, reducing carbon emissions and promoting sustainable travel. It’s perfect for short to medium distances, like running errands or commuting to work, contributing to a healthier planet.

3. Health and Fitness

This electric trike makes it easier to incorporate exercise into daily routine without the strain of traditional bicycles. The pedal assist feature allows riders to adjust the level of effort, enabling them to get a workout according to their fitness level. Cycling has been shown to improve cardiovascular health, muscle strength, and flexibility, enhancing overall well-being.

4. Cost Efficiency

Riders can reduce their spending on gas, parking, and public transport fees by opting for the Citytri for daily commutes and errands. Its electric efficiency and low maintenance requirements make it a cost-effective option in the long run, saving money that can be allocated to other areas of life.

5. Improved Mental Health

Riding the Citytri can positively impact mental health by reducing stress and anxiety levels. The combination of physical activity, outdoor exposure, and the joy of cycling can boost mood and contribute to emotional well-being.

6. Convenient Storage Solutions

The Citytri comes with integrated storage options, making it easier to carry groceries, personal items, or work essentials. This feature eliminates the need for a car on shopping trips and adds a layer of convenience to daily activities.

7. Social Engagement

The Citytri can serve as a catalyst for social engagement, offering a fun way to participate in group rides, meet fellow cycling enthusiasts, or spend quality time outdoors with family and friends. It’s an enjoyable way to connect with your community and explore your surroundings.

The Addmotor Citytri Electric Trike is priced at $1,999. You can check out more details on

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