Rock Collecting in an Isbjörn Fleece Hoodie

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Today Sylvia and I went down to the River to find a few rock stones for the craft and rock painting section of our blog.

It’s been pretty cold weather recently and I have not been out of the house since I came out of the hospital, (besides visiting my grandpa). Going to the river was a great adventure and Sylvia was able to test out her new ISBJÖRN PANDA PrimaLoft Fleece Hoodie.

Rock Collecting in an Isbjörn Fleece Hoodie

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

Sylvia’s new Fleece Hoodie is fantastic. It comes all the way from Sweden and is of really high quality. The ISBJÖRN fleece is perfect for cold weather, for budding mountaineers, explorers and adventurers.

Sylvia’s new fleece has fantastic insulation. It kept her really warm during our adventure and is designed to keep kids dry in the most torrential of downpours.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

The Fleece Hoodie from ISBJÖRN is super soft. In fact, I read it is softer than cashmere and when Sylvia first put on her jumper she said, “wow, it’s so soft”.

This has to be the softest fleece Sylvia has ever owned and it is so so comfortable to wear.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

The ISBJÖRN Fleece Hoodie has zip pockets which are waterproof and has a hood which goes right over the head, leaving just the face visible to the elements.

It is also super soft and strong material. The hoodie has thumb holes, to keep the hands warm as you can see in the photo below.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

We had so much fun down at the river. We only stayed for around 15 minutes but we managed to collect a few good stones at that time which I am looking forward to painting.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

Sylvia’s jumper got a little muddy during our adventure. I was able to place it into the washing machine and it washed out really well.

This is a high-quality fleece and my daughter is looking forward to wearing it again.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

We were sent this fleece in return for an honest review and I genuinely love the fleece. I love the colour and how warm and soft the fleece feels to touch.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

How Much Is The ISBJÖRN Fleece Hoodie

This fleece is designed for outdoor adventures and therefore the price is £95. It is a durable top which will come in handy especially on school trips, hikes and more outdoor adventures in the coming months.

We are really happy with this top and super impressed. There are a number of colours to choose from and you can purchase this fleece for both boys and girls.

ISBJÖRN Panda Primaloft

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  1. I love the burnt orange colour and the fact it’s so warm and perfect for an outside adventure like rock collecting! Those pockets must have been handy to have for the rocks/

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