Family Friendly Experience Gift Ideas: The Benefits of Experiential Gifts

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When it comes to family gift giving, many people think of traditional physical gifts such as clothes, toys or books. However, there is a growing trend towards giving experience gifts. Experiential gifts are those that allow the recipient to have an immersive and memorable experience. They can be anything from a day out whale watching to learning how to surf. There are many benefits to giving experience gifts, not least that they cater for all ages and interests. In this blog post, we will take a look at some family friendly experience gift ideas that are sure to please everyone!

One of the great things about giving experience gifts is that they can be tailored to the interests of the family. For example, animal lovers will adore a day out whale watching or horse riding. Alternatively, those who love adventure can enjoy a sightseeing tour, camping trip or even learning to surf! And for those who prefer to stay indoors, there are plenty of options too, such as an iFly indoor skydiving experience or a cooking class.

Another benefit of experience gifts is that they create lasting memories. unlike physical gifts which can be forgotten about or outgrown, experiences stay with us forever. What’s more, they are often shared experiences which can help to strengthen family bonds.

Family Friendly Experience Gift Ideas
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So if you’re stuck for family gift ideas this year, why not give the gift of an experience? Here are some great family friendly experience gift ideas to get you started:

Animal Encounters:

Animal encounters make for a great family friendly experience gift. They allow kids and adults to get up close and personal with some of nature’s creatures. There are many different types of animal encounters available, from whale watching to horse riding. Each one offers a unique and memorable experience.

Sightseeing Tours:

For those who love sightseeing, a sightseeing tour is the perfect experience gift. These tours take visitors to some of the world’s most famous landmarks and offer a unique perspective on history and culture. They are perfect for families with older children who are interested in learning more about the world around them.

Camping Trips:

Camping trips make for a fun and affordable family experience gift. They allow families to get back to nature and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Camping trips can be tailored to all ages and interests, so there is something for everyone.

Learn to Surf / Sup:

Surfing and SUP (stand up paddle boarding) are both becoming increasingly popular hobbies. And what’s great about both of these activities is that they can be enjoyed by people of all ages. So if you’re looking for an experience gift that the whole family can enjoy, learning to surf or SUP is a great option.

Ifly Indoor Skydiving:

iFly indoor skydiving is a fun and adrenaline-pumping experience that the whole family will love. It offers a safe and exciting way to experience the thrill of skydiving without having to leave the ground. This experience is perfect for thrill seekers of all ages.

Theme Parks:

Theme parks are another great family friendly experience gift idea. They offer hours of fun for kids and adults alike. There are theme parks available for all interests, from marine parks to amusement parks. So no matter what your family loves, there is sure to be a theme park that caters to them.

Staycations or Short Breaks:

Sometimes the best family experience gifts are the ones that don’t require any travel at all. Staycations and short breaks offer a great way for families to spend quality time together without having to leave home. There are many different activities that can be enjoyed on a staycation or short break, from visiting local attractions to exploring new neighborhoods.

Cycling Tours:

Cycling tours are perfect for families who love getting active outdoors. These tours take cyclists through some of the world’s most beautiful scenery, allowing them to take in everything that nature has to offer. They are perfect for older children who are interested in photography or history, as they can learn more about the places they are cycling through while enjoying a healthy and active activity.

Cooking Classes:

Cooking classes make for a fun and educational family experience gift. They allow families to learn new skills while spending time together in the kitchen. Cooking classes can be tailored to all ages and interests, so there is something for everyone. And what’s more, you get to eat the results of your hard work at the end of the class!


Kayaking is a great way to explore the outdoors with the whole family. It’s a fun and active activity that everyone can enjoy, no matter what their age or fitness level. Kayaking tours are available in many different scenic locations, so you can find one that suits your family’s interests.

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