Quick and Easy DIY Door Repairs: Is There Such a Thing?

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Some people enjoy DIY projects, while others try their hand at them to save money. Either way, it is useful to have some DIY skills. They will likely serve you well, particularly if you become a homeowner.

Some people feel like door repairs are probably beyond them. In some instances, they might look into a company that does Melbourne door repairs because they don’t want to tackle the job themselves.

Certain door repairs definitely fall into the DIY category, though. Let’s talk about three of those right now.

Quick and Easy DIY Door Repairs

Doors That Stick

First, it’s important to note that some door fixes are considerably easier than others. Replacing a door entirely is likely something that won’t fall under the DIY category. If all that’s wrong with one of the doors in your home is that it’s sticking, though, you can probably handle that yourself.

First, you must determine whether the door is sticking at the top or the bottom. Open and shut it carefully, looking at how it fits into the frame as you do so. Then, you can utilize a belt sander to remove some material from wherever the door sticks.

If you don’t have a belt sander, then using some sandpaper can accomplish the same thing. It will likely take longer if you do it that way, though.

Doors With Weakened Hinges

Doors can develop weakened hinges over time, and that is something you can usually fix yourself. Often, if it happens, it’s because the door’s weight has pulled the screws out of their holes. It’s something that can occur naturally.

To fix this issue, you may replace the hinge pin. You might also remove any stripped screws and attach new ones. Putting in all new screws and then reattaching the hinge is not particularly challenging. You should be able to find some tutorial videos on YouTube and similar websites that can help you.

Doors With Holes in Them

If you’ve got a door in your home with a large hole in it, that might have happened when someone kicked the door when they were angry about something. Certain accidents while moving furniture sometimes cause these situations as well.

However it happened, though, this problem might not be as difficult to fix as you would think. Many doors have hollow cores. That’s the kind where big holes usually appear if someone kicks the door or a hole opens up due to misadventure.

To fix a hole in a hollow core door, you can stuff crumpled paper into the opening. Newspapers work well. Then, you can buy a can of aerosol foam and spray it into the opening.

You’ll then spread wood filler over the foam after it dries. All that remains is to paint the dried wood filler the same color as the rest of the door, and you’ve solved the problem.

Any of these door-related conundrums are easy enough for a capable homeowner who has a little free time and a nearby hardware store they can visit for supplies.

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