Halloween Bat Art Project for Kids

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If you’re looking for bat crafts for kids or fun and spooky Halloween craft idea then look no further! Today on The Inspiration Edit we have a super fun and easy Halloween bat art project for kids of all ages which uses oil painting.

Creating this bat craft is not only fun, it’s a great way to teach children about oil pastels, how to blend and mix colors. That is a great skill to learn and one that can be used in future art projects.

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Supplies for This Spooky Bat Craft

Supplies needed for bat art project:


How to Create This Bat Painting

Download and print out the Bat template.

Carefully cut out all the bats from the template and set aside.

On a white piece of construction paper or cardstock, draw a circle (moon) with yellow pastels and then trace that circle with orange.

Use your fingertips to smudge the colors together.

Use blues and greens to create color around the moon.

Put a thick layer of oil pastel on and then use your fingertips to blend, blend, and blend some more.

Once finished, draw a border around the entire piece of paper with black oil pastel. Blend the black pastel towards the middle of the paper.

Once satisfied with the result, glue the bats all over the moon.

You can totally make this project unique and experiment with many different colors.

A white moon with a purple and pink background sounds amazing!

Your Halloween bat painting is now complete and ready to display.

Download Your Free Bat Template Here!

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