10 Christmas Card Ideas With Dog

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Sending a Christmas card is an excellent way to connect with friends and family, especially with those who live far away. You can share family updates and spread the Christmas spirit. As you design your Christmas card, don’t forget the furry members of the family. While you’re at it, sign their name on each card!

Here are 10 Christmas card ideas with dogs to show everyone that your pets are a part of the family.

1. Family Portrait

Nothing beats a family portrait of everyone coming together in the family. A family portrait with everyone sitting in front of the Christmas tree and your dog at the center is sure to warm everyone’s hearts.

2. Only Furry Family Members

If the family can’t come together due to work or school, let your dog(s) represent the whole family. You can add a text wishing everyone Merry Christmas. Your front porch or foyer are perfect locations for a standalone Christmas picture of your dog.

While this may seem uncommon, thousands send Christmas cards that feature only their dogs. If you received a Christmas card with a dog and don’t recognize the name, a reserve address search can help you learn more about the sender.

3. Dress Your Dog

There are numerous dog costumes for Christmas that will put a smile on the face of everyone who receives your card. Consider costumes that match your dog’s personality or physical features. For example, dress up a white dog as a snowman or a dog with grumpy facial features as an elf.

4. Reindog

While dressing your dog is fun and a great way to celebrate Christmas, it can look extra if you want something simple. In these cases, opt for a reindeer antler headband appropriate for your dog and turn them into a reindog!

5. Incorporate Texts

Adding text to your Christmas card can turn a simple card into an excellent one. Since your dog will be there, you can add a playful pun like yappy howl-idays or have a bow-wowtiful Christmas

You can also use your dog’s name or breed to come up with a unique pun, like “Wishing you a Pug-tastic Christmas” or “Have a Labra-dorable Christmas.” 

6. Make Them Hold a Message From the Family

If you have news to share with friends and family for Christmas, your dog announcing it is a pawtastic way to do it. Simply write down the big news and make your dog hold the paper with their mouth. 

7. Match Your Dog’s Personality

If you’re sending Christmas cards to people who know your dog, highlighting your dog’s personality will make the recipients fill with the Christmas spirit. For example, cover a curious dog in Christmas ornaments or take a picture of a laid-back dog in bed with a Santa hat.

8. Dog Writing a Letter to Santa

A dog writing a letter to Santa is an adorable Christmas card idea. Take an overhead shot of your dog holding a pen between their toes on a piece of paper that says something cute.

9. Catch Them Being Mischievous

Catching your dog doing something they shouldn’t do in a silly way is an adorable Christmas card idea. If your dog has a curious personality that likes exploring things with their mouth, which most dogs do, you can take a picture of them taking ornaments off a Christmas tree or chewing on stockings.

10. Puppy in Christmas Stocking

If you have a puppy, presenting them inside a large enough Christmas stocking is an excellent way to let people know you have a new dog! You can also do this with adult dogs that are smaller to add cuteness to your Christmas card.

Tips for Taking the Best Christmas Card Photos

Taking a stable picture of your dog can be difficult – let alone a cute one for a Christmas card. Before the photoshoot, tire your dog. Consider activities like indoor scent work or fetch to prevent them from getting dirty.

As you take pictures, use lots of praise and treats for extra motivation. Since your dog may get excited with all the ornaments, lights, and new smells, take lots of pictures and sort the best ones for the Christmas card.

Merry Christmas!

Dogs are an irreplaceable part of our families. Including your dog in a Christmas card is a great way to show appreciation. We’ve listed several Christmas card ideas with a dog. When adding your dog to the Christmas card, use their personality to add a unique touch.

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