Best Math Lessons for Home Education in the United States

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Receiving quality education and channeling all attention on a child’s learning are the most important things parents want for their children. Home education is a typical learning style amongst families who live in isolated rural areas, those whose lifestyles and jobs require traveling over a far distance often, and those who are based abroad.

The COVID-19 pandemic hit around 2020 and boosted home education’s emergence and popularity. Notwithstanding, children had already started their home education, known as “virtual learning,” before the pandemic. Almost 11% of children in the USA were taught at home from the pandemic’s beginning.

In the post-pandemic era, schools are returning to their legacy mode, but some parents still want their children to continue studying at home. They decided to embrace home education as an addition to the traditional schooling system. Some home education programs offer English, science, and math classes with a federally approved curriculum that matches other schools.

Math Lessons for Home Education

Reasons to Consider Home-Based Math Lessons for Kids

  • It allows flexibility and freedom in learning math due to personalized schedules created to allow a child access to education without leaving home.
  • It supports one-on-one math lessons as classes are designed to allow access for a single child.
  • It allows parents to monitor and control their children’s learning.
  • With math lessons taught at home, learning is more consistent as a kid could learn from parents and online platforms, leading to enhanced learning outcomes.

Now, you may wonder, “Where can I find math classes near me?” We’ve compiled a list of some of the best math lessons recommended for home education in the United States to help your kids succeed.

Math Lessons for Home Education


Brighterly is an online math learning platform that offers online math classes for kids. This company focuses on developing problem-solving skills in children of different ages, allowing them to uncover their maximum learning ability by using kindergarten math games for the youngest kids and worksheets for older ones, among other tools.

It is a platform where your kids are taught how to apply math in their day-to-day activities. A team of highly experienced math tutors ensures your child gets the best from studying. The tutors will help your kids understand basic math concepts and prepare them for daily calculations like measurements and money handling. 

Class type: Live online

Grades: Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1-5

Mathnasium of Bay Area

Mathnasium is an online lesson platform that teaches kids the best math practices. It has well-experienced math teachers who use different teaching techniques and materials to enhance a child’s learning.

The learning plan of Mathnasium is customized and designed to best suit the US students’ needs. They have a unique approach that goes beyond the type of math classes being offered in traditional schools to help children understand and love math.

Class type: Live online

Grades: 2-12

Khan Academy 5th Grade Math

Khan Academy is an online platform that offers a personalized learning interface, instructional materials, and practice exercises that enable students to study from the comfort of their homes. It provides self-learning courses on fractions, algebra, properties of shapes, and decimals.

The tutors believe that children must be given quality time and enough attention to acquire math skills early. They give children a head start in their early growth and development process as kids move through different life stages.

Class type: On-demand videos 

Grades: 5

Zearn Math

Zearn Math is an online math learning platform established under a nonprofit educational organization called “Zearn.” It’s a top-rated online platform that offers top-notch math lessons, just like the traditional math classes in school, to students in kindergarten and grades 1 – 6 in the USA and beyond.

The platform’s math lessons and materials are well-backed and crafted to suit all categories of kids. Kids can learn almost any math concept on the platform with assigned teachers and revise the material if necessary to gain a profound understanding.

Class type: On-demand videos

Grades: K-6


CueThink is an online platform founded by The National Science Foundation, with a learning strategy that relies on building critical thinking skills and collaboration when studying math. Its system is designed to give kids a solid foundation on which problem-solving math skills are further built. You get a free trial period to use the platform.

The team owns a “CueThink Problem Bank” containing many challenging tasks. Their approach to teaching students the skills of planning, organizing, and collaboration helps students learn at their own pace and enables ease of comprehension.

Class type: Self-guided tasks

Grades: K-12

Mathletes Online

Mathletes Online is an online math platform that designs its math classes to be more versatile, challenging, and filled with fun. The program is based on Creative Problem Solving in mathematics. Students registering with the platform can enjoy different online activities, including patterns, puzzles, and problem-solving tasks. They will face thrilling math problems for Olympiad competitions and challenging tasks that allow them to practice problem-solving skills.

Class type: Live online, small group

Grades: 4-6


ALEKS is an online math learning and assessment platform from McGraw-Hill which enables learners to master and review all skills required to meet critical mathematics standards. It uses adaptive questioning methods to identify what math concepts children are exposed to. After this, each learner is given a custom-designed curriculum focused on the math courses they need help with. This method allows ALEKS to effectively target uncompleted lessons to build confidence, accelerate momentum, and minimize frustration.

Class type: Self-guided and live lessons

Grades: 3-12

In Conclusion

Choosing a home-based education is a matter of choice for each parent as they know their child best. As kids are given chances to learn math from home, they gain access to an individualized education that could be the right choice.

These five specially designed math courses with world-class tutors give kids the best math education. Learning with these platforms in the United States will be helpful and fun for them. All you have to do is get started today.

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