5 Tips for Having Your Elderly Parents Live With You

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In your lifetime, if you’re fortunate enough, you’ll get the honor of having your elderly parents move in with you. For whatever reason or circumstance, it is always better to have them live with you rather than go into an old-age home.

Your new living arrangement will come with a few challenges, but they will be well worth it one day when they are gone – and you look back on the priceless extra memories you made with them.

Below are five tips for making this transition easier – both for them and you and your family:

Remove Slipping Hazards

One of the biggest causes of slip and fall injuries among older folks is hazards in the home. When you’re young and you suffer a fall, it is just a matter of getting back up and dusting yourself off. When you’re older, falls are dangerous and can lead to broken bones.

Before your parents move in, survey and inspect the areas they will use frequently and the pathways that lead to them. Remove or secure any loose items that could be hazardous to older, shuffling feet.

Bathroom Helpers

When you get older, you tend to need the loo far more often than you did when you were younger. The only problem with that is getting up and down from the toilet isn’t as easy as it once was.

Do your parents a favor and install bathroom rails and a toilet seat lifter. These items are inexpensive and can easily get installed in a few hours. In exchange for a few hours of your time and a bit of money, your elderly parents can go to the bathroom with confidence.

Kitchen Gadgets

The kitchen can be a dangerous place for older people, with many items around that could do some serious damage to them. Ensure that your kitchen is well-organized and all sharp items are kept safely packed away with cleverly designed kitchen gadgets.

One of the biggest reasons for older adults avoiding the kitchen is that they no longer have the strength they once had in their hands. That could be due to common elderly problems such as arthritis or bone density issues – make their experience in the kitchen better by buying them a Jiffy Twist. That will give them back their independence in the kitchen and allow them to open jars with ease.

Heat Things Up

When a person ages, they lose muscle and bone density quickly. That loss of density results in them being unable to maintain an optimal body temperature, and they get much colder than younger people.

Keep blankets and space heaters in the lounge and their bedroom; just be careful where you position the heaters – so they don’t cause fires. Encourage them to layer up in the winter months and keep an extra blanket or two around for the cold snaps.

Meal Preparation Tips

Older people often can’t tolerate heavy and rich meals at night, resulting in indigestion and gastric discomfort. Be wise when preparing their meals and look for nutritious recipes that are filled with easy-to-digest ingredients.

Living with your elderly parents should be a pleasurable experience, and with those few tweaks to your living space – it can be.

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