The Best Times of Year to Visit Ireland

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It’s a land of castles and fairy tales. Of laughter and lots of great storytellers. If you like stout then you’re in luck because there is plenty of that too. 

If you love Irish culture and find the need to go to the source for your Irish Belleek porcelain then you are likely trying to plan your next trip to the Emerald Isle. There are so many things to do for a tourist that any time of year is a good time to go. However, some people want to time their trips for different things. 

The best time of year to go is going to depend on what you want to do and how you plan to see Ireland. In this article, we will go over several tips to help you plan your perfect trip. 

When Is Peak Season?

The main tourist attractions are going to have people there all year. That said, there are times when the numbers are much higher than other times of the year. 

Luckily for Ireland, the temperature is mild all of the year. Those that have to endure rough and icy winters will not mind the drizzly winter since it won’t feel that cold. However, most people only have time off during the summer months so expect lots of crowds in Dublin and places like the many castles around the country. July and August are the height of the tourist season.

There is a time off-season that you should also know about. Mid-March is when they celebrate Saint Patrick’s day so expect the pubs to be fuller than normal that time of year. 

A beautiful view of the cliffs of Moher in Ireland on a gloomy day background

May to September

If you don’t have kids or are able to travel at times that don’t coincide with the tourist crowds, then you should consider traveling around May in the Spring or September at the end of summer. 

This is when the dry season begins and there is less rain. Of course, it can rain all year-round in Ireland, hence why it’s so green. But, your chances of a total rainout in the summer is less likely. You can still get mild temperatures in May and enjoy a lot of the tourist areas without the massive crowds. 

September still can have some summer temperatures so days over 60°F are not uncommon.

Winter in Ireland

Although you won’t get much snow you can expect some raw and windy weather that hovers around 4°F and 8°F. This shouldn’t put you off as there are ways to dress for the weather and still enjoy Ireland. You will have many sites to yourself and the landscape is as green then as it is at any other time of year. 

The downside is that you will miss many of the summer festivals that take place when there are more tourists around. However, pub culture is in full effect in the winter where you can cozy up to a fire with a glass of Guinness and enjoy some impromptu folk music sessions. 

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