Guide to Keeping Your Car in Great Working Order

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Keeping your car in great working order may seem like a tough task for some, with many different parts of the car seeming confusing and requiring professional help. However, it doesn’t have to! We understand that fixing major issues may be too much for the average driver but basic maintenance, good driving habits and simple checks before you drive can ensure your vehicle is fit for the roads.

So, if you don’t want to pay for expensive services every year or you just want to learn more about cars, then learning how to keep yours in great working order is a brilliant idea. Below is a guide on what you need to do and why you should consider doing it, so read on to learn more.

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Why Is It So Important to Look After Your Vehicle?

Breaking down is dreaded by many drivers but by performing basic checks before setting off, you can reduce the risk of this happening. 

Plus, fewer breakdowns also mean you’ll reduce how much you spend on repair or MOT costs, which your bank account will thank you for.  Vehicles which are unmaintained will end up costing much more when it comes to MOT’s, services and maintenance, which is why you’ll want to do the following things to prevent unnecessary wear and tear on your vehicle.

Check on your fluids 

Fluids such as your oil are integral to your car performing well, so you should be regularly checking them. To check your oil levels, simply pull your dipstick out, wipe it clean, pop it back in, then pull it out to see if you have enough in your car. You should also check your coolant levels and once both of these are at the right level, your car should be able to perform at its best.

Don’t Forget to Assess Your Tyres

Your tyres are important for road safety as they’re responsible for safe handling and braking, so they need the right levels of traction. The tread is responsible for this, so you should check that your tread depths are deep enough for good grip.

To check this, grab a 20p coin and place it in the tyre grooves. If the outer border of the coin is visible, then you may need a new set of tyres. This check should be done before a road trip to ensure your tyres can support your long-distance journey.


Some smaller maintenance jobs don’t need a professional and you can save money. Simply buy yourself tools like an impact wrench to remove lug nuts or jump leads to get a flat battery up and running. You may then need to watch some YouTube videos or read how-to guides on your specific maintenance task.

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