Boosting Your Business With Triple Monitor Setup

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Have you ever worked in a retail or business setting? Most people have somehow contributed to one of the two enterprises, and you probably wish you had a computer-based job. How nice would it be, right? Spending the entire workday in a comfortable chair instead of on your feet; listening to the music of your choosing instead of the old 80s hits on the overhead speakers while you worked; and maybe even enjoying the comfort of working from home. It would be nice!

Boosting Your Business With Triple Monitor Setup

Fortunately, most workers in the workforce today are brought up on computers. Computers seem to be a part of people already, and with the growth in the professional landscape, many prefer remote jobs. Of course, anyone who has worked on a computer will say that it’s not that easy either. When you sit for very long hours per week just to get work done, you start yearning for your daily stroll.
When you have to hop from one app to another—your messenger app, a call, spreadsheets, documents, data, cloud drives, websites, Windows, email, etc.—you might experience a poor workflow that will reduce your efficiency and productivity. Then you wished you had a wider screen. A Mobile Pixel Trio laptop monitor extender can enhance your productivity, and it won’t make you feel limited in your workspace.

Benefits of a multi-monitor setup 

The major benefit of having multiple monitors is that you’ll have a bigger screen; you’ll have a larger space to spread out and arrange all your open apps and data.

If you’re in a business workspace, here are a few possible windows you’ll have opened on your screen: A Word document, your email account, a web browser, a spreadsheet, and a video chat or meeting

It’s difficult to have all these applications open and equally accessible on a single screen. A dual monitor setup is the solution that you need for this situation.

Boosting Your Business With Triple Monitor Setup

Having two monitors gives you the room to spread your files across your screens. You could have two windows on one screen and three windows on the other screen. Each file now has more space, and you can now see a clearer view of the files.

The cold truth of a computer-based job is that every moment matters, and if you can’t finish up your work in the office, well, you’ll have to take it home with you!

A triple monitor setup will enhance your effectiveness and productivity, giving you more room for easy access to your files. You can now access your files without going back and forth anymore.

How to set up multiple monitors for your business

Setting up multiple monitors is very easy. Here’s how to do it:

Get a compatible monitor

The first thing you’ll do is get your second monitor and connect it to your computer. Make sure you also connect it to a power outlet.

When you’re buying a second monitor, get a monitor with a compatible connector, such as an HDMI cable or a VGA cable. Buy a monitor that uses an HDMI connection if your laptop only has an HDMI port.

If you want to connect more monitors to your laptop, you may not have enough video ports. Then you’ll have to get a video adapter.

Organize your monitor

Choose how you want to set up your monitors.

  • The Orientation: How do you want all your monitors to be arranged? vertically or horizontally.
  • The Placement: Choose where you want to position the monitors on your desk, considering your workspace.

Position the monitor with a webcam in a spot that’ll be comfortable for you when you have a conference call.

Boosting Your Business With Triple Monitor Setup

Adjust your display setting.

Adjust your display settings in such a way that one of them will be the primary screen (display 1) and the other ones will serve as displays 2 and 3, respectively.

Sometimes, your computer may not get the positioning of the other monitors. It may mistake the monitor on the left for the one on the right. You will need to adjust yourself.

To change display settings:

  • Hit the start button.
  • Click on Settings.
  • Click on System.
  • Click on the display.


Using multiple monitors for laptop extenders is very effective in business, giving you room to easily access your files and get your work done faster. It enhances productivity and saves time.

If you have one monitor in vertical form, you can adjust the orientation of the displays on the Display tab. It’s not advisable to change the resolution of the monitors because your computer will examine the monitors and select the best resolution for each of them.

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