5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation

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5 Signs Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation

The most important part of a home is the kitchen. But, like all the other regularly used things at home, we tend to overlook that it needs renovation until the warning signs start showing up.

Research reveals that in mid-2020, the median cost of large kitchen remodels (in which all cabinets and appliances are replaced) remained constant at $35,000.

The big number may make you feel jittery but let me tell you something: Your kitchen is the heart of your home and the nucleus of your family… so, you need to take care of it.  

With that, are seven telltale signs that your kitchen is in desperate need of an upgrade:

Kitchen Needs a Renovation

1. Your Kitchen Appliances Seem to Break Down Frequently

If most of your kitchen appliances are breaking down, then it’s a sign that your kitchen needs renovation.

If the cooling of the refrigerator isn’t like before, then it’s time to change it. If the heating panels of your toaster aren’t heating up as before, then it’s time for a change. If you bought your kitchen appliances more or less at the same time – for example, when you just moved in – they may start malfunctioning at the same time.

For a complete makeover, you can also look for experts who provide kitchen renovations Melbourne and seek suggestions.

2. Your Kitchen Ceiling Has Water Damage

It’s a good idea to check for possible water damage if there are water pipes within the space covered by the ceiling. It’s possible that some pipes have been leaking for a long time and you’ve been completely oblivious of it.

If there are cabinets right beneath the water-damaged ceiling, check to see if they are warped, particularly if they are made of wood. Even a small trickle can cause significant damage to a large portion of your kitchen ceiling, especially if it stays unnoticed for months or even years.

A water-damaged ceiling may eventually break apart, making it impossible to clean, making your kitchen appear even more unpleasant.

3. Your Kitchen Is in Need of More Storage Space

Even if you don’t cook frequently, storage space is a must in the kitchen. Plus, it’s not aesthetically pleasing to have a cluttered kitchen.

So, if you bought a new pan or a new set of plates, you must organize them properly. But where?

Sometimes, even newly restored kitchens also lack storage and counter space. This is because renovations are frequently limited to refinishing cabinet doors or resurfacing a countertop. This type of renovation may improve the appearance of your kitchen, but it does nothing to make it easier to use.

So storage space in a kitchen should be your primary concern, while you are renovating your kitchen area. 

4. The Kitchen Countertops Are Deteriorating

You may overlook what is directly in front of your eyes, such as your kitchen counters. Countertops can be utilized as alternate breakfast settings, and you can keep commonly used goods like sugar canisters, bean jars, and even salt and pepper shakers there.

As a result, large fissures throughout the surface may go unnoticed until you place anything heavy on the countertop, causing it to shift. If this has happened to you, you know it’s time to renovate your kitchen.

5. The Kitchen Furniture Is Damaged

If your countertops are cracked, or the cabinets are broken, then it is time you upgrade your kitchen. Because damaged kitchen furniture (or any type of furniture really) is dangerous and might lead to fatal accidents.

Over to You… Your Kitchen Needs a Renovation

So these were a few obvious signs that your kitchen is in urgent need of a total makeover. If you notice any of the indicators listed above in your kitchen, it’s time to start planning a kitchen renovation.

Yes, it’ll be costly, but consider this: you and your family deserve a beautiful kitchen, so take advantage of this opportunity to redesign it. If you’re not sure what benefits you’ll obtain from this huge undertaking yet, get some assistance in designing a fresh new kitchen that looks fantastic and also operates well.

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