It’s December and we have put up our tree, decorated the lounge and got out our Christmas Santa Outfits for the dogs.

Dog Christmas Santa

Yoda and Casper are enjoying life at the moment. They have been monkeys. Casper likes to steal food and hide under my bed to eat it. He managed to take a Christmas gift, (a packet of smarties) and sneak them under the bed and eat the lot. Luckily he does not seem to get ill from chocolate but still, it was very naughty of him! We have placed any food items up high now out of his reach.

Dog Christmas Santa

Seriously the things you find under my bed can be really telling, so far I have found a smarties packet, a empty box of Bakewell tarts which were taken from the kitchen side and most notoriously a packet of mince which was supposed to be for the spaghetti bolognese!

Dog Christmas Santa

We have to place food right at the back of the side. Casper is tiny yet he can jump very high and will keep jumping until he gets what he wants. I am getting better at keeping food items out of reach. He did once have a whole bag of bread buns and I was less than impressed.

Dog Christmas Santa

I know some people get their pets gifts for Christmas and I am thinking of taking Sylvia to Poundland to choose a dog toy, one for casper and one for Yoda and maybe some tasty dog treats for good behaviour.

Dog Christmas Santa

I love having Dogs, who albeit being far from perfect are adorable and cute and super fluffy. My dogs are loyal companions. They keep me company when I am alone and comfort me when I feel down. I love Yoda and Caspy Bacon, they are my little Bichon’s and I hope they live long and happy lives.

Angela x


  1. Awe, he looks like he is swimming, although very cute in his Christmas outfit! I tried a Christmas scarf and hat with Buddy. They were a bit to small and though he let me get pictures he had an attitude for days if I had anything in my hands. Luckily I got those pictures because he will not come near anything Christmas red now.

  2. Yoda’s Santa Christmas outfit is so darn adorable! He sure sounds like a sneaky and naughty dog at times! It’s good that you are getting better at keeping things out of his reach.

  3. I just recently lost my baby, Riley and he looks so much like your fur baby! I think it’s really nice to treat them to something special this holiday season! Be it treats or new toys, it’s worth it!

  4. Seriously beyond adorable! I SO want a dog now and I so want to dress him up in an adorable doggy Santa suit! Wishing you a beautiful Christmas!

  5. Your little dog is so cute in that Santa outfit! I love dogs too. I just wish mine would learn to like being “dressed up.” If I ever did attempt to make him wear a dog outfit, he’d shred it in minutes.

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