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Welcome to Bichon Frise Life Nine Yoda has had his castration procedure done. This morning in fact. The poor thing! It went well and everything ran smoothly. He will be given back to us at the end of the day, when he has had time to recover. We also got him microchipped at the same time, whilst he was under, much better that doing it when he is awake. It took a while to save up for the procedure but it’s all sorted and paid for now thank goodness.

I felt really sorry that we had to castrate Yoda, however this is something that really needed to be done according to the vet. He had a small problem and this was the cheapest and kindest solution. We were hoping to give him the opportunity to breed in the future as he is a full Pedigree Bichon Frise but we followed the vets advice and did what was best for him.

John will be collecting my baby puppy this afternoon! As for visits and friends, Yoda’s Buddy Pepper had to stop over during an emergency situation. They both snuggled up next to me while I worked and my hubby took a few pics.

Bichon Frise Bichon Frise

Toy of the Week

In the past two weeks Yoda has been up to his tricks, trying to play with Sylvia’s barbie dolls! He doesn’t seem to want his own toys, he just wants to go in Sylvia’s room and play with hers! We found a solution when we purchased a safety gate from Asda to keep him out of the bedroom, however I did not think about the barbies in the bathroom and so on two occasions Yoda has been caught with Ken and Cinderella!

Bichon Frise  Bichon Frise Bichon Frise Bichon Frise Bichon Frise IMG_0999

Caught in the Act

Earlier in the week I noticed that my favourite perfume was missing! I found the head of Niki Minaj (The perfume lid) however the bottle was gone! I asked my husband but he had not touched it, I asked my daughter and she had not touched it! I asked Yoda and he had no idea what I was going on about!

Anyhow the case of the missing perfume was solved when I found it has been dragged and hidden behind the curtains in the lounge and all fingers were pointed at one little Bichon Frise, Mr Yoda Poda. He really does get into things when your not looking. All I can conclude is that he too liked the smell of the Niki Minaj perfume!

IMG_0464 IMG_0463

Then…I caught Yoda stealing my make up bag. He pulled if off the bed, onto the floor, drag it across the landing and down the stairs! I was very bemused. Once he got to the bottom of the stairs my hubby took it off him and all his hard work resulted in naught!

Yoda’s Photo of the Week

My husband took this lovely photo of Yoda whilst out on a walk, I just had to share this as it’s so cute.


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  1. Yoda is too cute – hope he has recovered from his op.
    Thanks for linky up with #ShowcaseTuesday

    1. Ha Ha! maybe i will start calling him Yodette! I think he just has a strong sense of smell and goes for the purfumy, makeup smells! MAYBE? ha ha! thanks for stopping by! Angela x

  2. He is a cutie! My pup also steal everything! But if we don’t catch him in the first few minutes then its shredded. He also stole my makeup bag the other day but fortunately I caught him carrying it from my room.

    1. Puppies can be so cute! and then they can be monkey’s and love to rip things up and take the things that dont belong to them! Well Yoda odes anyway! lol Angela x

  3. Cute dog and I feel for him. We went through that we our dog many years ago and I can only imagine the loss but to be honest, it had a really great impact on her personality and we had no intentions of breeding her. #bigfatlinky

  4. Yoda He’s such a cute dog I’d think it could forgive him anything I hope he is feeling better soon #AnimalTales

  5. Aw he’s cute. And another thing we have in common. Love my little and slightly naughty dog. Hope he’s recovered. Thanks for linking up with us on the #bigfatlinky hope to see you there this week

  6. Oh Yoda, you are a naughty boy, stealing all those things. I somehow think you may be a bit quieter this week after that particular trip to the vet, though! I hope you have now made a full recovery.
    Many thanks for adding Yoda’s updates to #AnimalTales – I do enjoy reading them.

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