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Bichon Frise Life Eleven

bichon in garden

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Bichon Frise Life Eleven Out and About

Well the last two weeks have been a little unusual for Yoda. He started the fortnight by getting his cone removed and stitches taken out, then he went to stay with his good friend Pepper whilst our family visited London.

We went to Buckingham Palace and had hot chocolate in the garden’s but poor Yoda was unable to come with us!

As for Yoda he did go on lots of walks and have a good time back in Lancashire while we were away.

During the second week, Yoda travelled to Yorkshire with us and was looked after by my grandparents whilst we attended the Wedding of some good friends. John and I were witnesses at the wedding.

Yoda arrived at the very end of the night and got to have a cuddle with the groom which was rather nice.

Yoda also visited my good friend Esther over from Inside-out and About and he had a brilliant time in the back garden!


Toy of the Week

This week my grandmother treated Yoda to a new toy. It was green plush dog toy with a squeaker in it. Yoda loves it and has been tugging at the strange creature constantly. I still can’t seem to figure out what it is supposed to be!.

Caught in the Act

We have not caught Yoda doing anything really naughty this week. However the day after the wedding, I was enjoying my slice of wedding cake when suddenly Yoda jumped up and pulled the serviette out on my hands.

The cake landed on the floor and he was well pleased. Unfortunately for Yoda he was told off and he did not get any wedding cake!

He did get a small salami stick which I had wrapped up at the end of the reception, but this was a reward which he got for good behaviour at a later date.

Yoda has a very strong sense of smell and is very sensitive to my illness. He really seems to know when I am becoming low in sugar and hangs around me when I get really sick.

He is so intelligent. I know I call him silly names like Yoda Poda poo and sometimes piggy wiggy when he has a blitz but I really do love him and he is a loyal companion to me especially on my worst days.

I really do love him and he makes me, my husband and my child so happy.

Yoda’s Photo of the Week

There are always so many pictures of Yoda and he is currently looking more like a sheep than a dog, but this has to be my favourite shot of Yoda during the last two weeks.

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    1. Lol. I never thought of that. It does kind of look like a dinosaur! Yes some kids toys and dog toys do look very similar! I never made the connection before you mentioned it! Maybe that is why Yoda always wants to go in my daughters room! he is not allowed though! lol


    1. Yoda has indeed! He is a cheeky chap and is now lazing around on my bed next to me. I think he may need some more exercise in the coming weeks!
      Angela xx

    1. Yes i’m amazed at Yoda’s ability to know when I’m unwell. He must have a very strong sense of smell. He is growing on me so much and to think a year ago I did not think I liked dogs and was seriously considering whether or not to agree to getting a puppy! Angela xx

    1. Yes… he has gotten used to it! He does not like to be in the back though- he generally sits on my knee and he loves to stick his head out the window and feel the breeze on his face! – Angela xx

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