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Welcome back to another episode of Yoda’s Bichon Frise Life. He has been busy and is laying by my side on the bed as I type. He is a loyal dog and a great companion.

Out and About

Yoda went to the vets to check out his man bit’s and he will be getting the snip very soon. We just need a few more weeks to save up as our pet insurers would not cover the procedure.

It’s £260 which may not be much for some but for us it’s not something we could just pay for out of the blue and the vet was fine with that. They said it is not urgent.

When it does happen Yoda will have a little cone around his head for a week which i’m sure he will find rather annoying!

Apart from the Vets, Yoda has been on his regular school runs, apart from when it was thundering and lightning. He stayed home with me… and then on the hot sunny days he has been to Yarrow valley park to walk around the lake, something he loves to do.

So all in all, no new places but Yoda was rather excited to walk around the lake his doggie friend pepper!

Toy of the Week

Well with temperatures reaching as high as 34 degrees, it was hot and poor Yoda could not figure out why he was panting so much.

We tried to encourage him to drink but to no avail, he simply looked sorry for himself and didn’t quite know what to do. Anyway, we solved the problem.

We got an empty ice cream container and we filled it up with water, popped Yoda’s orange bone inside and a chicken stock and froze it!




This did the trick. The water /ice was tasty and Yoda could not help himself from licking the chicken flavoured water! He loved it and we managed to keep him well hydrated. He also loved scratching away at the ice trying to get his toy. It was really quite funny to watch.

Caught in the Act

This week Yoda has tried his upmost to climb onto the table. He know he is not allowed but whenever we are not looking he will attempt to jump up onto the table from the ground.

He is getting rather good at jumping and I rather was shocked to see him jump onto my bed from the ground, something which looks rather impossible given the height of the bed but he did it and if he were a human, I’d send him to the olympics he is that good!

Anyway, when Yoda thought I was not looking, I snapped some pictures of him attempting to jump onto the table from various angels. He even considered jumping from the sofa to the table but changed his mind just as I got close enough to stop him.

Well he has been up to a lot of mischief, but I guess that’s what puppies do!

Yoda’s Photo of the Week

This is my favourite picture of Yoda this week. I snapped him when he had been told off for doing something a little naughty. He had the “Who me?” puppy eyed look!

Next time Yoda will be groomed once more and maybe have a cone on his head!


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