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Yoda the Dancing Dog

Welcome back to Yoda’s Antics. Last week Yoda went out for a little drive with the family. He’s really getting more use to being in the car and I managed to get some fab little pictures.

Bichon Frise Out and About

On Saturday, our family had a photograph taken for the local paper. Yoda joined in with the family picture. It was incredibly hard to get him to sit still. He kept wriggling however the photographer managed to get a good picture which ended up in the paper the following Tuesday. He is only 10 months old and he’s already been in the paper!

bichon frise happy

Toy of the Week

Yoda has a naughty habit of trying to steal my glasses. If I take them off and leave them next to me, Yoda will grab them and run away! He really does like to steal things and run off with them. I don’t understand why but I decided to teach him what glasses are for and let him try them on. He wasn’t impressed!

Yoda still loves the soft dog. He likes to snuggle up to it in the day when napping. In the evening however he loves to lay next to me and snuggle on my bed which I really don’t mind. Since having his operation last month he has much less energy and just like to nap on and off between playing.

bichon frise happy

Caught in the Act

This week Yoda has spent a lot of time with Sylvia our daughter as it was the last week of the holidays and Sylvia has been home all week. They have had a lot of fun and to my surprise Sylvia told me that Yoda our Bichon Frise had been dancing with her to music.

I really didn’t think he had but we put some Music on and low and behold, he did jump up and down with Sylvia while she danced and it was quite hilarious. He starts dancing at 60 seconds! I think it’s funny!

Shot of the Week

Yoda went to the groomers on Wednesday. He came back looking like a different dog. He had gotten so shaggy but we needed to wait until he was fully healed. He is just so cute and we had a lovely week.

bichon frise happy

The Future for Yoda

bichon frise happy

Next month – October will be Yoda’s first birthday! We are really excited. He has grown so much over the past year. I’ve really enjoyed writing about his life as a puppy and this has been an important part of the blog. I hope you enjoy reading about his life and the antics of a cheeky Bichon Frise.

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