Yoda the Dancing Dog My Sunday Photo Ballet Dancing

Dancing Dog

My daughter loves to dance and recently she started Ballet classes. Today she came home and began to dance for me to show me her moves. Yoda our puppy always loves it when Sylvia dances. He likes to join in and we managed to get a shot of them dancing together in the room! It’s so cute!

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  1. This is just adorable! My eldest used to love ballet when she was small and our dog would do the same!! Too cute! Thankyou so much for sharing this with me on #busydoinglife!

    1. Oh thanks. Yoda is a cute dog and makes a great companion to my child. I’m so glad we made a decision to get a puppy. It was the right thing to do! Angela x

    1. Yes. They have different leotards for different grades. They must be the same grade. It’s the exam outfit for the royal academy of dance. My daughter is loving ballet… it’s only been a few weeks but we have found something she loves. Angela x

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