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Today I wanted to write a mid week update. I’ve been laying awake unable to sleep and so I thought instead of just doing nothing I would write and hopefully this process will help me get my thoughts out and become sleeping. Fingers crossed. 

Yoda the Bichon Frise Dog Is Having Surgery

If you read my update last week, you’ll be aware that poor Yoda was really unwell. In fact his mouth was bleeding and became infected after he chomped down on a brick (silly dog) and as a result we had to take him to the vet. 

After an examination and tests, we found out Yoda has a heart murmur and he has Anemia. We were told that Yoda needed surgery, (the removal of quite a few teeth) and that there was only a 40% chance he would survive the procedure. 

I was very worried. The Vet suggested putting him down before the procedure or going ahead and seeing if he will make it. The good news is it’s been a week and in this time Yoda has become happy again. 

His infection has cleared up. He no longer has a fever, is back to eating and being his usual sluggish self. We were not going to put Yoda down and decided we would do our best to raise the money for the surgery. 

It’s not been easy to raise over £500 in less than a week but we tried so hard. I put items on facebook to sell, including Sylvia’s bed. She doesn’t like her bed. Sylvia always wants to sleep on a low bed and it’s because then the dogs are free to visit her. 

I totally understand, our dogs are family and they love to sleep with the family. It’s not a problem for us but they simply can’t climb the ladder and hop into her bed. 

So we put Sylvia’s bed up for sale. Someone agreed to collect it but they never turned up. I was disappointed but I still managed to sell a few bits and pieces and do some little jobs and we collected half the money. 

I have a small emergency overdraft which will be covering the other half of Yoda’s procedure and then I will simply have to work hard to pay it back. 

So in the morning our precious Yoda will go for his mouth surgery and I am praying he will make it through. 

Finding An Essential Oil For My Headaches

I have been suffering from severe headaches alongside tooth pain following a tooth extraction 3 weeks ago. I’ve been back to the dentist several times because I have bone sticking through the side of the roof of my mouth which is so so painful. 

It turns out that the emergency dentist who extracted my tooth, sliced through the roof of my mouth by accident. That area got infected (the infection has cleared) but now the bone is pushing through and it hurts. 

I’m controlling the pain with clove oil and pain killers. I have been experimenting with Essential oils and clove oil really numbs the gum which is fantastic for one to two hours of relief. 

The pain meds have helped the mouth but they are not touching my headaches. As I’ve been having success using essential oils to help compliment my health I have been trying different oils which are supposed to be good for headaches to help with mine. 

I tried Lavender oil and it did not work for me. I tried peppermint which also didn’t work. Interestingly enough I have severe headaches like these following my bypass surgery in 2016 and was given peppermint oil back then which did not work either. 

I tried frankincense and I’ve tried Copaiba oil. None of these oils have made a difference to my headache. Then yesterday I moved on to another oil. I have been researching the best oils for headaches and I decided to try Rosemary oil. 

The rosemary oil helped! I was surprised. In fact I hadn’t expected success but I’d say the headaches went from about a 9/10 down to about a 4/10. They are still there but the Rosemary oil made a difference. 

I know that oil blends can really help with different symptoms including headaches and so I am doing some research and will be trying a few different oils blended with Rosemary to see if that helps even more. 

I’ve learnt that different essential oils help different people and I will keep testing things until I find a headache blend that works for me. I will find it eventually! 

After a few years of continual skin infections I’ve got the perfect blends to remove and prevent fungal infections and I have that mastered…. lavender, spikenard and melaleuca.  Also after almost two months I have a blend from Doterra called On Guard which is preventing infections from my Adrenal Pump cannula’s and I am so happy. 

I also find the deep blue really helps my muscle pains which is great… it’s like deep heat rub but an oil and very relaxing on my muscles. 

Once I’ve found my headache blend I will be so happy. I know these oils do help and it’s just finding the ones which work for me. 


Sylvia is having Mock exams next week. It’s so stupid in my opinion and not needed. She is only ten years old and the pressure and stress of trying to pass these exams has been unreal. 

I wish I could wave a wand and make everything okay but preparing for maths and english exams has been upsetting for my daughter, stressful and resulted in lots of tears and emotions. 

It’s the last thing we need right now with all that is going on but the practice exams are next week and Sylvia is worried to the max. 

I really don’t think it’s fair and the work load is crazy. I never had to go through this pressure as a child and wish Sylvia didn’t. I would love to just pull her out of school but the reality is, I have health issues and can’t home school. Sylvia also has a good school. It’s just the added pressure is getting to her and so I am doing my best as a mum to help her navigate this difficult time. 

In the Half term holidays we are going to the Pleasure Beach in Blackpool and she can chill out and have fun for a day. Then the final exams are in May. 

I will be happy when it’s all over. 

So that’s my mid week update. I am going to try to keep the house peaceful, clean and tidy, support Sylvia in the coming week, make her nutritious meals and help her get the rest she needs to be able to do her best.

Angela x