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Yoda The Bichon Frise Is An Overweight Dog

I really love Yoda. He is an adorable dog and my baby. We got him when he was just a baby. The sad thing is however, he was attacked. That’s right. When he was one years old he was attacked by visious dogs and it stole his contentment and gave him an anixety for life.

Yoda was a happy dog until this point. He is still happy but he has issues. He overeats and will search out food. It has become quite serious and although this is an old photo of my dog, he has become terribly obese and it is a serious concern to me.

Bichon Frise overweight dog

People point out to me just how fat my dog has become and I am well aware of this. I don’t give him bad food and we are taking him to weigh ins but he is getting more and more fat and I am worried.

I will have to keep trying to help him but it is a concern and I think it is affecting his ability to run around and have fun. He get’s more tired these days and is more scared to jump up onto a sofa or bed. He whines and wants help as he just can’t do it alone.

I think the fact he also has a funny elbow does not help but I am sure there is more we could do to help Yoda to shed the weight It’s been a struggle and i am just worried. I will google, read and research ways to help our dog lose weight and see what we can do.

I am a little worried.


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