Yoda The Bichon Frise Turns Two Years Old

It feels like only a few months ago that we decided to become dog owners and took a huge leap in buying a pedigree Bichon Frise Dog. I will never forget the day our little bundle of white fluff came to live with us. At the time my daughter loved Taylor Swift and we ended up calling our new puppy Yoda, Snowy, Taylor Milnes


Since that day, Yoda had really grown. He has been through a lot. We got through the puppy stage and our love for him has truly grown. Yoda is an important part of the family. He has not been without his trials. In his first year Yoda managed to access a drink of Hot chocolate and ended up at the vets where he was given an injection to cause vomiting and then lots of charcoal to line his stomach. He ended up coming home a grey dog.


Then sadly last year Yoda was attacked on his way home from the school run. Two huge dogs jumped the garden fence and one ripped his leg open. Yoda was rushed to the vets and treated but he has never been the same again. He does tend to have anxiety a lot and get scared and upset very easily.


Not long after the attack, Yoda gained a Bichon brother and a best friend named Casper. Casper came from an abusive home and we adopted him and gave him a much better life. It took a little time but Yoda and Casper are the best of friends and spend their time together playing, fighting, eating and blitzing together. They are perfect companions for one another.

I think adopting Casper was the best thing we could have done for Yoda. He was so bored beforehand but now he always has someone to keep him happy. This week our beloved Yoda turned two. We bought him a new toy and cooked him rice, vegetables and chicken his favourite meal.


Yoda is a joy, he is an adorable and beautiful Bichon Frise Dog. I love him so much. He is also cheeky and gets up to mischief but he is loyal and a good companion and a much loved family member. Happy Birthday Yoda.

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  1. Such a lovely dog! It’s always horrible to hear about animal attacks, but I’m glad he recovered and now has a new friend to keep him company! 🙂

  2. Yoda sounds like a pure joy! He’s SO cute, he looks so soft, adorable. Happy fourth Birthday Yoda! I’d love a Bichon Frise one day! 🙂 xx

  3. Oh no it sounds like had a very busy two years, I am so glad he got okay after the chocolate incident. He looks like a very happy dog and it’s great that you gave him a new friend! I can see a lot of my dog in him, he is also turning 2 years soon 🙂 The time flys!

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