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Yoda And The Boiled Egg

Well as you may or may not know Yoda is the king of food. He loves to eat. He will sit and stare at me when the food is being eaten and beg with his paw.

He will look at you with his puppy eyes and hope to get just one little scrap. Yet it’s not always meant to be.

Yoda has gained weight and is now on a weight management plan.

Today I wanted to reshare an old story about Yoda called Yoda and The Boiled Egg. I hope you enjoy.



Today we were having boiled eggs for lunch. Sylvia calls it Dippy egg and soldiers. I’m not sure where she got that from! Anyway, the eggs  were peeled and put on to plates.

Sylvia came into the kitchen to take her plate to the table. The boiled eggs were wobbling and one of them happened to roll off the edge of the plate onto the floor.

Before I had a chance to do anything, Yoda, aka Mr Piggy Wiggy came running into the kitchen and up to the Egg.

He grabbed the boiled egg with his mouth and dashed out of the kitchen before we could stop him.

Sylvia ran after him but Yoda was too fast. He refused to drop the egg and we were all laughing in hysterics.

I googled dogs and eggs to see if it would be okay for Yoda to eat the egg. Surprisingly it said it was good for him, so I left him off this once.

Yoda eventually dropped the egg onto the floor once he knew we weren’t going to take it off him.

He broke it into bite size pieces but reminded me of Gollum from Lord of the Rings, “It’s my precious and I’m not sharing”.

Well Mr Piggy Wiggy won this time but he doesn’t always.

Angela x