Workwear Fashion Essentials: 7 Pieces You Should Have and Where to Get Them

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You may feel confused when you have to choose what clothes to wear to go to the office. You want to look good and fashionable, but just don’t know what to wear aside from your boring shirt. Thus, you end up always donning the same kind of clothes every day. 

Workwear Fashion Essentials

But do you know that actually choosing the right clothes for working is important? Because fashion can not only make someone look more attractive, but it can also describe the personality of the person who wears it. It’s the same when working, fashion can help show one’s professionalism and personality.

On top of that, when you know you look good, your mood will enhance and it will also impact your brain and productivity. Thus going to work looking good and donning fashionable clothes, can be the ultimate way to improve your mood and work quality!

For those of you who are confused about how to start dressing fashionably for the office, keep on reading to know what are the ultimate workwear items you should have in your wardrobe and how to mix and match them for the day!

Plain Dress Shirts

A plain dress shirt is one of the mandatory fashion items for a career woman. There are two colors of plain shirts that are a must-have in the wardrobe, white and black plain shirts. You can use these two colors without worry, to attend formal to semi-casual events. Apart from these two colors, you can also choose various other plain shirt colors according to your preferences.

Having a plain shirt in your wardrobe is great because you can combine it with various fashion items easily. You can also enhance it with a simple gesture, such as adding a belt or tucking it into your pants to make it look more formal. The shirt is a versatile piece that can help you to look good without being too much for work.

Striped Shirts

Shirts with striped motifs are also one of the models that you should own. A striped shirt can make your appearance look simple but not too monotonous. Just like a plain shirt, you can combine a striped shirt with various fashion items.  Whether it’s a vest, outer, or even a blazer. Don’t forget to choose a striped shirt with horizontal lines. Because it can help to make your body appear slimmer.

Black Blazers

Another must-have fashion item for career women is a black blazer. This is because you can turn any of your clothes looking formal or semi-casual with the addition of black blazers. You can combine a classic black blazer with v-neck blouses, turtlenecks, shirts, or even tank tops with neutral colors. For the bottoms, you can wear high-waist pants, culottes, or jeans to make it more casual. 

You should keep one black blazer in your office, just in case suddenly you have a meeting with your boss, or need to meet -up with important clients. This way, you can prepare to always look good and formal at all times, even when you show up at work with a t-shirt or jeans. A black blazer will also be suitable to mix and match with all colors, so you don’t have to worry about whether it will fit with your current clothes or not.

Neutral Blazers

Apart from a black blazer, you can also choose a neutral blazer to complete your work look. The neutral color of the blazer will make it easier for you to mix and match with various tops and accessories. For a chic and simple look, you can combine a neutral color blazer with black or white pants and a matching top. Apart from that, you can also combine neutral blazers with various types of skirts for a more feminine look. 

Blazer is still going to be the ultimate must-have fashion piece in 2023 because people will keep layering pieces and top everything with a blazer. Thus purchasing a neutral blazer is never going to be a bad decision!

Puff-Sleeve Blouse

The puff-sleeve blouse is the right choice of work clothes for those of you who want to look feminine but still look chic and simple. You can combine a puff-sleeve blouse with high-waist pants or culottes, to create a slimmer illusion for your body.


When the weather gets cold, you can opt to wear a turtleneck for work. This can help to make your body feel warmer, but still fashionable nonetheless. Turtleneck has a simple appearance and thus they will be easy to match with various other fashion items.

If you think wearing a turtleneck and pants will make you look boring, you should combine it with a plain-colored oversized blazer as an outer.

Oversized Vest

A vest is one of the timeless pieces that just won’t go out of the way as the “it fashion” list. Vest is also a great choice for your go-to workwear fashion item. If you haven’t had it already, you should purchase a plain vest with a neutral color or a patterned vest with a monochrome color to complete your wardrobe. One of the best ways to use a vest for work is to combine it with a white oversized shirt, and wide-leg trousers..

These are some of the inspirations for women’s work clothes that you can use as a reference. Hopefully, it can help to enhance your daily work look and increase your work spirit as a result!
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