3 Sure Fire Ways To Work With Kids All Day Every Day

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If you adore kids, why not work with them? The ability to spend your days helping to mold the citizens of tomorrow into responsible, caring and tolerant human beings is hugely rewarding. If you have little bundles of joy of your own, you may have come to realise just how great you are with kids.

Perhaps you can impart new knowledge, take on a pastoral role or simply help them through difficult times. In the twenty first century, the world has become more perilous for the youth of today with social media causing self esteem issues, eating disorders on the rise and an increase in adolescent mental health issues.

If you want a career that means you head home every evening professionally satisfied, then a career working with children could be for you.

teaching kids


If you enjoy enthusing others about a subject that you are passionate about, why not consider a role in the teaching profession. You could work with little tikes in kindergarten or teenagers in high school. Teaching is a profession that welcomes candidates with a wide variety of life experience.

If you have professional experience as a manager, you can easily transfer your skills into teaching. Consider reading up on educational issues affecting the sector, get volunteering in a couple of schools and take a teaching qualification.

You will need to be patient, caring and have a high tolerance threshold. Many kids come from broken homes, have suffered traumatic experiences and see school as a safe refuge.

Others struggle with their behaviour, refuse to complete work and will do everything within their power to annoy you and push your buttons. If you can cope with these stressful circumstances, you will make a fantastic teacher.


The ultimate caring profession has to be nursing. Working within a medical setting, your role will involve making life or death decisions and being able to manage highly pressurized situations.

After gaining varied experience across a range of departments, you can choose to specialize. Choosing to enrol on a neonatal nurse practitioner program means that you will have the specific skills needed to work with babies.

Working alongside doctors and midwives, you will be part of a multidisciplinary team to ensure that poorly babies get the treatment that they need.

teaching kids


If you are more of a spontaneous and creative type, you may simply want to spend your days making kids laugh. The thought of taking on a more serious or authoritarian role may not appeal.

As a children’s entertainer, it will be your job to ensure that children have fun. You might make balloon animals, clown around, show off your magic skills, partake in some kids comedy or enjoy being DJ at a disco.

This is the most fun career you can have. It might not pay as well, the hours will be sporadic, and you might not have the steadiest of wages. However, make a name for yourself, and all parents will be booking you for parties.

Children are incredible. Why not take the plunge and start your career working with kids?

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