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Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

garden party

Wonderful Ways To Enjoy Your Garden This Summer

The UK is not always about doom and gloom year-round. Despite what citizens from countries with warmer climates might think, we Brits are (relatively) often blessed with beautiful and long summer evenings. In fact, we enjoy up to 17 hours of daylight during the summer!

Maybe we do have to put a few more layers of clothing on than those in other parts of Europe, but there is certainly no reason why we cannot take full advantage of our outdoor living spaces during the well-deserved summer months (and indeed, all year round). The following are some tips on making the most of your garden for you and your family.

Let There Be Light

There is nothing quite like a summer BBQ with friends and family. Good food, drink, and company can be enjoyed during the day and when the sun goes down, the party does not have to end (whether you have guests or you simply have an appointment with a large glass of wine alone).

*Written in collaboration with Emily Jones

Careful placement of some beautiful garden lights is a very simple way to make a huge difference. Lighting is responsible for creating the ambience of all environments. There are so many choices that you can make in regards to lights depending on taste and what the space demands. Whether you are going for sophisticated, mystical, classic, or modern, lighting can achieve it all and add that extra twinkle to your summer evenings.

Night at the Movies

Films are the purest form of entertainment. Everyone enjoys a good movie, especially one that can be viewed with family and friends in the back garden. This unique whimsical backyard experience is easy to pull off. All you need is a white sheet hung over a washing line, a portable projector (you can even find reasonably priced smart phone projectors to do the job), low seating (or cosy blankets to lie on), your favourite wine, and of course, some popcorn. Kids will feel like they are going out, while keeping expenses low, and everyone comfortable.

Let the Games Begin!

Let’s face it, kids are not always the easiest to keep entertained and when the weather is grey, it can be a task. That’s why when the summer rolls around playing games in the back garden can keep even the most hyperactive children absorbed for hours. They are not limited to sports either; some creativity can go a long way. Some unique activities include play camping (setting up a tent in the garden), scavenger hunts, water painting their surroundings, collecting natural artifacts for a collage, and playing pirates.

garden party

Eating Al Fresco

Food is a necessary fact of life and good food has the potential to elevate any outing. When considering the perfect food for an afternoon or evening in the back garden it is important that you choose something that does not require running back to the kitchen every five minutes to stir, and is relatively low maintenance. You should also make sure that the food is fairly portable (and safe to eat whilst moving) as the children will probably be getting out of their seats to run around often. Kebabs, hummus, salads, and veggies are some examples of outdoor summer favourites.

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