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A Wonderful Father Daughter Moment

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A Wonderful Father Daughter Moment 

This week I caught a wonderful father daughter moment where Sylvia showing affection to my husband John. Sylvia and I lived alone for many years before my marriage to John. He is the most wonderful father and it is truly a blessing to have him in my life and in Sylvia’s life.


Having a male role model is important and I’m happy my daughter has someone to look up to who loves her is teaching her to love herself, to be confident and the correct way to be  treated by males. I hope my child grows up to find a partner as wonderful as mine.


John is a fantastic father to Sylvia and the best. He takes her to classes, to school, swimming, the gym, ballet and much more. John provides for my daughter’s emotional and physical needs. He is a loving father and a wonderful man and I’m so glad to have caught this father daughter moment between Sylvia and her dad.

A Wonderful Father and Daughter Moment 

Angela x


  1. Thank you, Angela, for a glimpse into the joys of your life, despite your ongoing battle to get sufficient medical treatment for your AI. Your experiences with the NHS, doctors and specialists are heartbreaking. It makes me thankful to live in the U.S. Since being diagnosed over three years ago, I have found an endocrinologist, who listens, spends time with me and is usually sympathetic. She also ensures I have enough HC to cover times of stress and illness. I am keeping you I my thoughts and prayers.

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