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Without Hard Work Nothing Grows But Weeds

hard work

This past week has been really tough for me. Sylvia has had a week off from school with it being half term and I’ve been unable to work on the blog as I’ve been really unwell. I developed a serious infection which turned into cellulitis and knocked my adrenal health out of the ball park.

Luckily I worked hard in the lead up to November which meant I had a week worth of blog posts ready to go and so it has appeared that I was blogging all week when really I’ve been resting up and doing very little, replying to a few emails and joining in my weekly blog buddy commitments.

I always try to put in a little more when I feel well to compensate for the times when I am not well enough to do anything. This past weekend had been really hard. I get frustrated when I can’t do much but sometimes I don’t have a choice but to rest.

I did travel this weekend with my parents to stay in a caravan as it was my uncles 4oth Birthday. I’ve spent very little time with mum and dad who live in New Zealand. They are here for the year and I want to see them as much as I can before they go back home. I’ve been in the UK 7 years and really miss my parents when we are apart.

I slept most of the journey to the caravan. I slept all day Friday and Saturday and then attended the party Saturday night. I then slept all day Sunday to recover and am now back home and still feeling quite sick.

I will be going to the Doctor in the morning and getting some more antibiotics. Infections really mess with Cortisol levels and I’ve been double dosing my steroids to compensate but it’s been physically tough.

I have a long list of work to do blog wise and in the home but I simply can’t do it. I’ll just have to prioritise and do a little each day, what I can manage and if it takes a few weeks to get back to my usual pace then so be it.


The one thing I do know is if I want to succeed at anything including blogging I have to work hard. Even if I’m sick and unwell, I have to keep going.

Yes I will take a break and I have done (except to write this post -which is my therapy) but when I’m back to feeling well I will have to work extra hard to catch up on the posts that are due out. I really do want to succeed and be able to earn an income even if it’s very modest.

For November I’ve decided not to take on any paid work unless it’s an amazing opportunity. I already have my final Christmas Gift List to promote, two fantastic toys to review and a new Roco dress for Sylvia to model.

I’m also really loving my Monday Inspire Edit posts and don’t want to miss out writing these which is why I’m writing down my thoughts right now.

The good news is..despite feeling like CRAP….  one of my posts got featured on BritMums! The one about Loving yourself no matter what! How cool is that! I’m really happy.

My DA is still at 1 so the more DA links I can build in the coming months the better.

So in November l’ll go slower and cut down when it comes to blog posts, work and promotion and I might even take some time off around Christmas.

I’m going to complete a pitching to brands course later this month and in December I’m doing a one-week goal setting course to plan out my blogging and career work goals for 2017.

We also have amazing news.

We are moving house at the end of November or start of December so I am going to do my absolute best to pitch to a carpet company to try and review some flooring as we have not got the funds for carpet and I’d love carpets in time for Christmas. Fingers crossed! I am determined!

I’ll work the next two months at a slower pace and only do what I can realistically handle but….. I have to work hard because if I want to progress, write posts I love and earn a living then hard work is inevitable.

After all without hard work nothing grows but weeds.

Angela x