7 Reasons Why You Need a Mental Health Day Now

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A mental health day is dedicated time off work or other responsibilities to focus on self-care and nurturing your mental well-being. More workplaces recognize the need for those days, but you can also use a sick or vacation day. 

Here are seven reasons to take a mental health day now. 

It Reduces the Chance of Burnout 

Burnout is an epidemic in jobs across the United States. The mental and physical exhaustion that comes with prolonged stress can turn an opportunity you dreamed about into a nightmare. 

The condition has many symptoms, including increased irritability, fatigue, loss of fulfillment, isolation and sadness. 

Not addressing those feelings can turn into depression or anxiety disorders, heart and blood pressure problems and many unhealthy habits. Taking a mental health day can help ward off these conditions. 

You Can Catch Up on Rest 

You should get between seven and nine hours of sleep each night, but most people don’t get enough consistent sleep. Lack of sleep can increase symptoms of mental health conditions, make you feel on edge and lower your immunity. 

It is possible to catch up on some of the rest you lose, and a mental health day is a great way to begin. Many people falsely assume that getting little sleep during the week is fine as long as they sleep on the weekend. However, that can mess with your circadian rhythm. Instead, use your mental health day to start going to bed a little earlier or waking up a little later. 

It Restores Your Focus 

After doing the same tasks for weeks, it is natural for your mind to wander. Taking a mental health day can give you the time to restore that focus, breaking up the monotony. 

Use your day off to do something different, such as take a day trip, read a book or attend a hobby class. This mini staycation can refresh you and help you remember why you do what you do each day. 

You Can Connect With Loved Ones

Everyone needs human connection, but a busy work life can make it hard to spend time with the people who mean most to you. 

A mental health day allows you to go to lunch or plan a trip with family or friends. Invite them over for a cup of coffee or rest up for a night out after a Friday mental health day. 

Consider calling someone you haven’t seen in a while or traveling to visit elderly loved ones. You’ll likely make their day.

It Helps You Think Things Through

We all have big decisions, but a busy schedule makes it hard to consider the pros and cons. 

A mental health day is not just for relaxation. It also is an opportunity to get peace of mind about decisions and stressors that do not fit into your everyday life—having the time and space to consider meaningful choices, such as a career change or advancing a relationship. 

Create a list of the positives and negatives of making that decision and meet up with professionals you might not be able to see after work. You can use part of the day to research what you need to to feel confident in your decision. 

Many people like to sleep on a decision before they make it, but exhaustion can interfere with the parts of your brain responsible for judgment and decision-making. The rest you gain during a mental health day can help you make the best choices. 

Mental Health is Physical Health 

There is a stigma that mental health care is not as critical as going to the doctor for physical health, but that is far from the truth. 

Mental health conditions come from changes within the brain, making it a physical problem that needs the same compassion and respect that it often lacks. Use a mental health day to seek help for concerning symptoms or check in with a trusted professional. You do not have to have a diagnosis to talk to a therapist or mental health counselor. 

Suppose you need help figuring out where to start. You can speak to your primary care provider or visit a reputable online database to discover which providers appeal to your needs and accept your insurance. 

With online appointments now common, many options exist for finding the right counselor, therapist or psychiatrist. You might not mesh with the first professional you meet, but you can and should shop around for the provider you feel most confident with. 

You Deserve It 

You do not need an excuse to take the days offered to you for self-care. There is no award for perfect attendance at work and it is in your best interest to have a planned day off now and then so you can remain at your best for your work and social life.

Take advantage of mental health days when you need a break or feel unwell. You deserve to be happy and healthy. Utilizing these days can help get and remain there. 

Taking a Mental Health Day 

Mental health days allow you to engage in self-care and prepare yourself for the days and weeks ahead. Taking advantage of them helps means taking care of yourself so you can be at your best no matter what life throws at you. 

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