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There should be no more cold feet in 2020 as men’s sneaker fashion has skyrocketed, and we presume that their confidence will too!

A Pair of White minimalist sneakers

Whether you’re new to the sneaker trend, or you’re a total shoe-head, men’s sneaker fashion is more incredible than ever.

Out with the old and in with the new, 2020 has introduced a whole new sphere of stylish men’s sneakers and has even added some old classics into the mix. We’ve provided you with some insights below.

Textured Sneakers Men’s Sneaker Fashion

There’s no doubt that suede gives sneakers a sophisticated look. It also makes them wearable in more formal settings. They can even go well with a suit!

Suede and leather sneakers, for example, are a great hit in 2020, not to mention their neutral-colored counterparts. Try a light olive green and navy blue color combination or more vibrant forest green or burnt orange. These colors add a little pop to your sophisticated outfit, but if you prefer, you can go with the traditional plain black or brown suede sneakers.

Metallic and Mesh Sneakers

Known to be a long time “dad fave”, metallic and mesh sneakers are back in! These once unfashionable kicks are taking on a whole new life.

They now have more detailed, color-coordinated, and defined metallic and mesh designs. These sneakers are known for their ventilation. They let your feet breathe and prevent them from sweating and getting smelly.

Transparent Sneakers

Fully or semi-transparent sneakers seem to be the in thing! Men are now flaunting their feet in these undeniably fashionable kicks.

The transparency allows the air to flow and allows you to show off your sock. If you aren’t already in on these kicks, don’t worry, new styles are popping up all the time!

Minimalist Sneakers

The minimalist sneakers are a crowd fave. From a casual athletic event to a cocktail party, to the games or even to a beach wedding, these sneakers are a go-to!

The versatility of these kicks allows them to be worn almost anywhere. They go well with jeans, tailored suits, shorts or jogging suits.


Not only are they fashionable, but they’re also affordable even when you shop designer lines like fendi’s sneaker collection for men. You can’t beat that!

Chunky Soles

For many women, these sneakers aren’t usually a favorite, but the men seem to really be loving them! So much so, that top brands are now featuring these “ugly sneaks” in their collections.

They are often paired with elaborate, spunky colors. Regardless of the females’ take on them, these kicks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon!

Let’s Wrap Up

From textured to transparent, minimalist sneakers to chunky sole sneakers, men’s sneaker fashion for 2020 is all-inclusive! If you want to look great in 2020 then you have a lot of choices for making this happen.

Mens-Sneakers-in 2020

Hopefully, this article helped to show you what’s hot this year. If you would like more life tips please visit the family life section of our website.