Why Students Are Attracted to Barcelona

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The city of Barcelona is largely known for its beautiful sites and rich culture. It is one of the two largest cities in Spain and is recognized as the second most populous district in the country. The wonderful architecture and beaches are enough to pull anyone to the city. It provides a very thrilling and interesting way of life.

Barcelona has an astonishing reputation for high-quality education. The city prioritizes consistent improvement of the educational system and facilities. Education is a very important part of the Spanish culture. The level of excellence dedicated to the educational system in Barcelona makes it a widely sought-after destination for students.

5 Reasons Why Barcelona Gets Students’ Attention

Students worldwide seeking to further their education consider Barcelona a great option for many obvious reasons. It is known as the best student city in Spain, and here is why:

1. Affordable Cost of Living

Another reason why students are attracted to Barcelona is the easy cost of living. Compared to many other cities in the entirety of Europe, Barcelona is more student-friendly when it comes to the pocket. Affording essential needs like food and clothes are not straining on students. Also, the important need for accommodation is easily taken care of.

It is favored by students because you do not need to struggle to get student accommodation in Barcelona. The great thing about getting an apartment as a student in Barcelona is that you can book one online from a trustworthy real estate platform. It is as easy as completing all the processes online, so you just move in once you arrive.

2. Architectural Beauty

Barcelona is famous for its architecture and physical beauty. The ambiance of the city is highly influenced by its beautiful scenery. The attraction does not end at just the structures in this city. It also extends to the many wonderful beaches and sites for fun and relaxation. The physical features of Barcelona contribute to why students are drawn to it.

3. Cultural and Literary Activities

Barcelona is one city that is widely known to be rich in culture. It provides students with a rich cultural experience and literary knowledge even outside the four walls of school. It also allows them to learn new languages firsthand. The native languages spoken here are Spanish and Catalan. 

4. Athletic Events

This is another intriguing reason why the city of Barcelona attracts so much attention. The city hosts many major athletic events that are dear to the hearts of individuals—ranging from golf to tennis, biking, water sports, and football. 

The city does not only host these major sporting events. It also has the best places to carry out sports activities for individuals or groups. The locations are a great inspiration for exercising and enjoying all the sports you love.

5. Educational Stability

Topping every other reason why students are attracted to the city of Barcelona comes the high quality of education offered here. The University of Barcelona has proven its stability over time. It has been in existence since 1450, scaling through every test and becoming stronger. It is one of the largest universities in Spain, having over 60,000 students. It has also been rated as the best university in Spain by notable media and analysis companies.


The city of Barcelona is a great place to further your studies. It will not only provide you with educational knowledge but also a vast richness of culture and history. These are obvious reasons why students are trooping into the city. The experience of living in this beautiful city is a must-have. You too can join the thousands of students exploring the wonders of Barcelona.

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