Why Regular Exercise Is So Important?

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Exercise is an essential aspect of a healthy lifestyle. There are tons of benefits to regular exercise and the great thing about it is that every little helps.

If you are struggling to get into a routine, then just doing a small workout or going on a walk here and there can make all the difference. If you are short on time, then you might want to invest in some home equipment so you can do your exercises whenever the mood takes you.

You can get a simple weight bench and buy weight plates online and there you have your own home gym. So why is exercising so important and why does everyone insist that you need to work out regularly? Here are some of the main benefits of regular exercise.

Exercise for Weight Control

1.     Exercise helps control your weight – this is an obvious one, but exercise is not just about losing weight, it can be great for helping get a handle on your fluctuating weight.

If you find that you gain weight very easily and suddenly then exercise can help tackle that problem and keep your weight at a nice steady average – which means no more buying new clothes every few months because you do not fit in your old ones.

Exercise for Mood

2.     Exercise improves your mood – it may not always feel like it at the time but exercise releases endorphins and promotes the production of serotonin, these chemicals contribute to feelings of happiness and boost your energy levels.

That euphoric feeling you get once you have finished an intense workout, that is an endorphin rush. And this does not just affect you in the short term, regular exercise keeps these chemicals being produced and keeps your mind active.

Exercise can also make you feel powerful and strong and help improve your overall self-esteem. You do not need to be losing weight or working out intensely every day, these effects can be seen with just light exercise on a regular basis to keep your body moving.

Exercise Promotes Better Sleep

3.     Exercise promotes better sleep – exercise tires you out and helps you get to sleep quicker as well as getting better and deeper sleep. You can see check out more details on exactly how exercise affects your sleep, here

Exercise for Health Conditions

4.     Exercise combats health conditions – there are a myriad of different conditions that can be treated or have their symptoms alleviated with exercise. It can help battle many mental health disorders and can help with feelings of stress and anxiety.

It can prevent or control conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, arthritis, and heart disease. It improves your overall health which has a knock-on effect and puts your body in a better position to fight illness or infection.

Can Exercise Improve Energy Levels

5.     Exercise helps your energy levels – As well as endorphins and serotonin, exercising also helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to your body’s tissues which gets your cardiovascular system working more efficiently.

Your heart and lung health has a direct effect on your energy levels as well as keeping these organs in top shape.

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