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Are you running an event? If you are, then it might be for your business, or with a company for whom you work. You want to make sure that you stand out from the crowd and get people seeing you and your team, as well as creating a talking point. So, what do you do?

One of the ways that you can make an eye-catching impact on your event attendees is to have a range of promotional t-shirts made, either for your team to wear or for visitors to have themselves. Is it worth looking into this as part of your event planning, though? There are plenty of reasons to think that it’s a great idea and should form part of your strategy – and these are just some of those that you can start considering.

You can engage more with your audience

People attending your event will want to show their support and passion for it, as well as have a way of proving that they were there. So, by using these custom t-shirts, you can offer attendees an opportunity to support you and have a way to commemorate the event long after it has finished. It’s also a way of solidifying the link between you and your audience.

It extends brand value

Having custom merchandise is a fantastic way of boosting your brand awareness on the day of the event. Your brand will be endorsed each time that an event attendee wears your merchandise – and you’ll also get continued exposure when they wear it outside the event.

It can be a source of income

Even if only a small number of attendees buy t-shirts, all that money will add up. So, by including merchandise into your strategy, you can create items people want and make money from it. You can then invest this extra money back into the event, improving the experience. You could consider buying wholesale Bella + Canvas t-shirts to start with this initiative.

They’re practical and functional

Many promotional items tend to be forgotten by clients – however, promotional t-shirts are functional, and your audience will get use out of them. Everyone will need a new t-shirt every so often, and those people will think of your brand every time they wear them.

They’re great for team spirit

As well as being sold or given to your event’s attendees, promotional t-shirts can also be fantastic for your employees. They can, for instance, improve morale within your company. Your business can give shirts and uniforms to new employees to welcome them into your brand, and it will help them feel like they’re part of your team.

You could even have your team wear the same design of t-shirts at sponsored events, or even while carrying out other business tasks. When your team appears together as one, then your brand will look more professional to onlookers – which will then lead you on to gain the trust of your clients and attendees who see you.