Why It Is Necessary to Regularly Change Your AC Filters

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Maintaining your household’s equipment is something that you should never skimp out on. While ensuring that all your appliances are in their optimal condition can be a hassle, you may end up thanking yourself further down the line. The general upkeep of your home’s equipment can help you avoid future costly repairs or replacements.

Cleaning your appliances and tending to minor deficiencies right away can also help you avoid health and safety hazards. Unfortunately, not many people realise the importance of changing their AC filters; it’s something that you should do as part of your maintenance routine. Read through our article to find out why it’s necessary to regularly change your AC filters.

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Ultimate Performance

You should change your filters at least once every three months. Airflow can be hindered by all the dust, dirt, and debris caught up in your filter. This clogging can cause your AC to work harder, which would eventually overload the system.

Even though you’re not getting the desired performance out of your system, you would still be paying for the same amount of energy expenditure as you would pay for an HVAC system that works well.

The temperature sensors would not detect the required temperature at which your HVAC system should shut down either. This can create additional, unnecessary expenses, as it would drastically increase your power bills. By changing the filters frequently, air can flow easily. 

Fewer Breakdowns

As air filters age, they depreciate much faster; the filters begin to expel debris and fibers right into the moving compartments of your AC unit. The mechanical parts of the cooling system can then break down, making you feel utterly uncomfortable in your home.

This is why changing your Pleated Panel Filters is necessary. This way, you will ensure that your AC’s air filters are always in perfect condition, allowing you to avoid referring to expensive repair solutions. 

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Air Quality and Health Risks 

A cooling system’s main job is to prevent specks of dust, small particles, and other air pollutants from entering your home and jeopardizing the air’s quality. Unclean filters will fail to carry out their job efficiently, which can put you and your family at great risk. Clogged filters may also result in water leakages or dripping. In addition to the dirty water that comes out of the AC, the resulting dew and humidity may cause mold and mildew to form.

If someone has a pre-existing health condition, such as asthma, respiratory issues, pneumonia, or PCOS, they may suffer greatly. Following a consistent air filter replacement, a schedule can help you keep your entire family safe, especially children, elderly family members, and those who suffer from medical conditions. 

While many people conduct thorough and regular maintenance of their home’s appliances, including the cooling system, not many people are keen on changing their filters. There’s a common misconception that washing your air filters will serve you just fine. Although it is better than nothing, getting your filters changed is still necessary. This is because, like any other compartment, air filters are subject to wear and tear; getting them replaced every three months is the way to go. 

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