Why Family Is Important: How They Can Help Us

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Why Family Is Important and close friends.

It has been over and over that no man is an island. No matter how independent we think we may be, we all need people in our lives. We need close people who we can share both good and bad times with. Friends and family make life a little less hard, and it doesn’t hurt to have the extra support. There are several ways friends and family make life good for us. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Family Is Good for Health

Close friends and family are usually a source of happiness. We can share a lot of happy times with the close people in our lives. As it turns out, Friends can actively contribute to lower chances of heart attacks and strokes. We are less socially isolated when we have a decent amount of friends and family. Social isolation leads to loneliness which has been known to cause depression among people. 

Depression is not good for your mental health and can also lead to additional problems like high blood pressure and hypertension. Depression can also lead to dire outcomes like suicide. Having close friends and family in your life will mean fewer feelings of loneliness and, therefore, the best health and longer life. Essays on american dream can be gotten on StudyHippo and help in their education. You can use the site for help with essay writing, and essay samples about the American dream here are just perfect for your coursework if you can’t find them in the school library.

Family Offer You Emotional Support

It is family culture to always be there for you when you need them. When you are going through a rough patch, your friends and family are there to support you. They are always there to offer you emotional support when things are not going well. Your close friends and family will always offer you a shoulder to cry on. 

Friends are there to help make our transition easier when you have a bad time in your life. They can help take your mind off the bad experiences you are having through sharing stories, taking a walk down memory lane, or just engaging in a fun activity. 

These will alleviate your pain, disappointment, or sadness considerably and completely over time. Your friends and family are exactly what you need when you are at a low point. These are some of the pros of having a big family you get endless love and support.

Family Can Be a Good Influence

It’s said that ‘show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.’ Good close friends contribute positively to your behavior. They influence you to become a better person through their lifestyle. If you have friends that work out, in due time, you are bound to be influenced and join a gym as well. 

When you have friends that invest and have good financial habits, it is bound to rub on you as well. You will also start saving well, investing in the stock market or government bonds, and paying your debts. You become the company that you keep. This is why good friends are great company.

Family Encourage You to Suceed

Great friends are quick to call you out on your bad behavior. They will tell you what you are doing is wrong, whether it is in a blunt manner or subtly. Good friends will not let you go on a downward spiral when they are present. They will point out what you are doing wrong and help you do something to effect change and push you onto a much better path. 

Friends and family are the ones who will encourage you to check into a rehabilitation facility if you are having a drug abuse problem. They will suggest support groups when you are back so that you make a full recovery. If your mental health is poor due to trauma from a recent event, it is your friends and family that will connect you to their therapists. They will also follow up on whether you are going or not. This makes them very important in our lives.

Family Can Help Build your confidence

Research has shown that having close friends and family will lead to you more confidence in yourself. Friends and family are always showering you with compliments. You get many compliments even when you have done the bare minimum on your look. This is a habit that is normal among friends. 

But no matter how insignificant that ‘you look great today!’ sounds, it does contribute to your confidence significantly. It will, first of all, boost your mood, and subconsciously you will feel amazing about yourself. Friends make you feel significant and give you a sense of belonging. 

When you feel like you belong somewhere, you have higher self-esteem. Friends will also reassure you when in doubt. When you want to join a competition and doubt your abilities, you can count on your friends to tell you how good you are. We all need people we can count on to encourage us when doubtful. To share your success and laurels, the people who are close to you are the best.


Friends and family are very important in our lives. They contribute significantly to who we are in several ways. They reassure us, push us to do better, support us and show us the right direction. We all need close friends and family. After all, we are creatures that are dependent on others for survival. The above are just some of the ideas when it comes to the ways friends and family can add value to our lives. Make good friends as you go about your life. You may not know handy they may be in the future.

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