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Which Patio Door Is Right for Your Home? (Collaboration)

Sweet summertime is here again, and you know what that means: gorgeous weather, late nights spent with friends and family, and a season of play and relaxation. If you’re lucky, you have a beautiful garden view from your back windows and, perhaps, a patio. However, rising temperatures translate to increasing energy costs, most likely spent on the ever-beloved air con. Did you know, though, you can invest in a patio door that will not only complement your patio and garden but save you money in the process?

It’s true. And today, we’re going to talk about the different types of patio doors you can install in your home.

French doors

Most doors fall under this category; French doors are also known as hinged doors, and they often come with one or more panels. These panels are almost always made of glass and can swing both ways. You can also add decorative motifs to these doors, like grilles, windows, or detailed patterns.

From a functional standpoint, French doors are suitable for areas with high winds. The stronger the wind is, the more the door will press into its jamb, thereby creating an airtight seal that protects your home and ensures that no heating or cooling seeps out. Depending on the amount of light and ventilation you’d like, you can install two French doors.

Sliding doors

These are popular choices for gardens, as most people tend to filter in and out of their houses when spending time out back. Sliding doors may be dangerous in a house of young children, though, as they can damage limbs or fingers if they’re closed too carelessly.

However, it’s hard to beat the space-saving function that sliding doors provide. Their clean look also lends a more contemporary feel to your house if you happen to be more modern. They also allow for a lot of natural light and ventilation since they don’t need any extra spacing for swinging action.

Folding doors

Like sliding doors, folding doors also save a lot of space and allow for easy access in and out of the house. Folding doors work in a sort of accordion-style way that has multiple panels that fold back to open up space. Panels are usually made of glass, but we recommend upgrading to energy-efficient glass panels if you have the budget. Folding doors work on a track system, which lets you open and close them quickly.

Folding doors are best for bigger houses, as their compact design means you can create a broad, al fresco type of patio setting. These kinds of doors are especially great if you frequently have guests over.

The type of door you’d like to install isn’t the only thing you’ll choose; you can also select the material from which your door is made. You can pick from vinyl patio doors, aluminium patio doors, wood patio doors, and even fiberglass ones. No matter which direction you decide to go, make sure you do your research so that you end up installing the patio door that’s right for your home.