Which Airline Is Better, Air Arabia or Fly Dubai?

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In what sense do you want to define the difference when you ask which airline is the better airline? 

Both airlines operate small aircraft and are low-cost carriers. If you are just flying, there is no distinction in the fares you pay (which are low), so you should not expect the high-quality service, hot food, and other amenities that full-service carriers offer. Of course, many things are available at a cost, such as alcohol. 


Is FlyDubai a good airline? 

It is determined by a variety of factors. Some are comparable to existing low-cost carriers, while others are purely luck-based. Fly Dubai is a young airline with a fleet of only Boeing B737s, operating 237 aircraft as of October 2019. 

Unlike most low-cost carriers, FlyDubai being a low cost airline offers two types of Business Class seating on most of its aircraft. But, with the arrival of the new B737-MAX, came the introduction of the new Business Class seat, which was revolutionary when compared to most regular airlines for intercontinental routes. 

Do you feel completely comfortable? Which i’d say. The flat bed seat configuration is only available on the B737-MAX, of which there are still a few in the fleet, and it has also temporarily ceased flying globally, so these seats will not be available for some time. 

It is well-known for being one of the few Low-Cost Carriers that provides individual IFE (In Flight Entertainment). 


Food is only available in Economy Class. It can be purchased before the file but only online when booking a ticket or purchased on board with a selection of drinks including alcohol and other comfort foods at fair prices. 


When buying a ticket, keep in mind the check-in baggage. Some fares require a 20kg allowance. Some other discounted fares do not include baggage, and you must buy it at a special package rate. 

Even if you have already bought your ticket, you can still purchase additional baggage online. If you fail to do so after the check-in has been released, any check-in baggage will be charged 60 AED per kilogram depending on the zone, as it will be considered extra luggage.

Is Air Arabia a good airline? 

Air Arabia, like most low-cost carriers, does exactly what it is supposed to do: it transports passengers to / from their destinations. 

It’s effective and on schedule, but the service isn’t what you’d expect from a huge airline. However, I’ve discovered that its fares are often higher than those of even the most prestigious airlines, such as Emirates, Qatar Airways, and Etihad. 

Arabia is a low-cost carrier. But that is not to assume they have bad flights or treat their passengers horribly. I’ve flown with them back and forth. Because it was cheap. They might not have an entertainment system, so you’ll have to find amusement on your own. 


When it comes to food, everything is paid for. You read that correctly. On their website, a menu is already available. But don’t forget to inquire about the cost of the meal you will be eating because you never know. 


Air Arabia allows you to only pay for the luggage that you need. When booking or adjusting your flight, you can choose the weight of your checked luggage (20 kg, 30 kg, or 40 kg) with no limit on the number of components. 

Prepay for your baggage allowance to save up to 90% on baggage fees at the airport. 

Checked baggage allowance can be pre-booked immediately online, by calling their call center, or visiting one of their sales offices or travel partners. 

Additional weight is subjected to excess baggage rates. The only weight limit available for purchase at the airport is 20 kg. 

As Fly Dubai’s fleet grows and more destinations are added, it competes directly with Air Arabia. Regardless of the population’s wealth and purchasing power, the UAE market is a limited one, with a population of around five to six million people. 

As a result, Air Arabia decided to launch new subsidiary LCCs, such as Air Arabia Maroc and Air Arabia Egypt. 

All these facts and figures tell us to choose the best airline you need to understand your need for travel. Both airlines have their own best things and services and I hope the above given information helps you decide about your next journey and which airline suits your air travel.

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