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A Story about the time when my Dad’s car tyre blew up! 

You go on a lot of adventures as a child and as kids we did a lot of walking with my parents. It wasn’t often we walked extra long distances, however I will never forget the day we walked along Higham lane. Higham lane was a long back road in Barnsley, South Yorkshire that connects Higham to Dodworth.

I don’t recall where we had been, however one minute we were in the car doing what kids do during a road journey and the next minute our car was in a ditch and we were walking home, quite shocked from what I recall.

What had happened? Well that would depend on who you asked. If you asked my dad he might have told you that the tyre burst.

He might tell you how he had to fight to keep the car under control and prevent a major crash which could have resulted in a real tragedy.

For me, I was only young but what stood out to me was the car going a little crazy, dad telling us all to get out and then seeing a tyre which was ripped to shreds and looking more like a carpet than anything else.

Tyre safety is really important but especially when your a parent and your driving with family members or little ones. There are lots of things you can do to make sure you drive safely such as making sure you have the correct tyre tread and the tyres are not bold.

Then there is being safety conscious when you drive in different weather conditions and of course looking out for pot holes and changes in the road which could have a negative impact on your car tyres.

My dad is pretty safety aware and I’m sure on the day of our incident the tyre tread was in good stead. In fact my Dad would not have taken us out with unsafe tyres. He would have checked the tread depth and ensured the safety of the wheels. This is really important.

The rule today is 1.6mm of tread on a wheel and my husband regularly checks our car to make sure our tyre tread is safe. Without good tread the tyre will struggle to get a good grip on the road.

Driving in different weather conditions is also something which needs to be taken into consideration. Our incident on Higham lane happened in the late spring or early summer. I remember the weather was boiling hot and we were really thirsty as we walked home after our tyre burst.

In hot weather the roads can get damaged and more pot holes and dangers may lurk. Likewise in winter weather and rainy conditions it can be harder to keep traction on the road and there is more chance of skidding and losing control.

As well as being vigilant and safety cautious you may want to consider investing in some good quality new tyres. If you’re looking for the perfect tyres in Stirling you can Stop at Stirling Autocentre, it’s a one stop shop for all your car related problems. New Tyres can help keep your car in good condition keep you safe on the roads. Especially with the weather we are experiencing at the moment.

I’ll never forget my experience as a child, seeing a tyre ripped to shreds. I am amazed that no one got hurt and we are blessed. I think it’s a good reminder to be safe, to be extra careful when it comes to car safety and to make sure we have the best tyres to transport family members from A to B.


*This is a collaborative post*