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What’s in the Top Drawer

Ikea Skubbs

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What’s in the Top Drawer

In 2014, John and I completed our collection of white Ikea Malm drawers. I really love them and always have since I first laid my eyes on the series. My first trip to Ikea was with my good friend Esther.

I saw the Malm’s and fell in love with them. Two years later, we have 2x 6 drawer sets, 2x 4 drawer sets and a tall slim set of drawers with a lifting mirror at the top. We finally have enough space for all our clothing and the cardboard banana boxes are banished forever!

John and I initially bought 2 six drawer Malms. Five months later we decided to purchase the next two drawer units. Initially we were going for the 2 drawer bedside units but when we got to the store, we saw the 3 drawer units on sale for only £5 more. We changed our minds and went for the taller drawers.

The funny thing is, the young man who worked at Ikea, helped John to find the drawers we wanted and gave us the wrong ones. When we got home, John opened them up. We realised we had purchased the 4 drawer Malms. We decided to stick with what we had and I’m really quite pleased with the end result.


I really love having drawers in the bedroom. For a decade I never had any drawers. In Tonga I lived out of a suitcase and in New Zealand I always had to prioritise over more essential items.

After arriving in England in 2010, I found some old kitchen units on the roadside. I painted them up with cartoon Ladybirds and gave them to Sylvia my daughter whilst I used cardboard banana boxes. I didn’t want to go out and buy drawers when I wasn’t sure if we’d settle here or return to NZ.

After marrying John, we decided to settle permanently in a village in Lancashire. Of course I let the husband think the Malm series were his idea but I had gently guided him to the very drawers I hoped to buy.

I really love Ikea, whether it’s purchasing items or simply looking around, it’s definitely my favourite store. I always spot new, unique and clever items to improve the home. When I discovered Ikea Skubb’s, I purchased a set to go with my new Malm.


Skubb’s come in different sizes and colours. You can purchase them individually, as sets with numerous sizes or as one large compartment. I went with a black set of Skubb’s and got two six’s skubbs in total. They fit perfectly into the top of my Malm drawer and the black colour contrasts well with the white.

I use my Skubb’s to store all the essential clutter that used to be dumped at the side of the bed. This creates a less cluttered feel to the bedroom and now I know exactly where all the the nicknacks are.

In my Skubb’s I keep:

-Stationary- (Everything I need to help Sylvia with the homework)
-Hair essentials
-Wheat packs (For the pain)
-Deodorant and Moisturiser
-Sylvia’s detangle spray (Her hair gets so Knotty)
-Nail Clippers and Tweezers

It really is great to know exactly where all my things are, especially my medications as I have so many. The only issue I have now is John sneaking into my drawer to borrow a pen or Sylvia taking my hair ties! John is keen to purchase his own set of skubbs and this will be at the top of the list on our next trip to Ikea.

All in all I love the top drawer and the fact it’s right next to the bed is even better. I don’t have to waste precious energy finding the things I need when I’m really unwell.

skubbs ikea

Not only did we buy Malm’s for our room, we also bought a set for Sylvia from the bargain Corner. They were X display and had a small scratch on the back panel. They are as good as new Sylvia loves them and I have all her clothes organised and easy for her to find.

Now we can move on to our next home improvement project.

What’s in Your Top Drawer?


  1. I love Ikea too, but I get so tired when I go there….so much walking! When my son moved out, he took his bedroom furniture with him, so I bought the Hermes bed and bedside table in a grey color. Looks so nice! My bed side table is also filled with all my “must-haves”….pills, lotions, phone book etc. You are more organized than I will every be!

    1. oH I’m a huge Ikea fan! I am a bit of an organisation freak. I love organising and having a place for everything. I have been that way since a child so ikea is my dream store. However, my husband pushes me around in the wheelchair as I’m not able to walk around like I used to. Hopefully one day but for now, it’s once every 3-4 months and a wheelchair visit.

  2. I’m such a big Ikea fan! I took a day off work to go on my own last year as a treat to myself. I really like the look of these draw inserts. We have a really messy drawn in our kitchen that I call the man draw that all of our random bits and bobs get shoved in. I’m thinking one of these would control the clutter!

    1. oh I am such an organisation freak and when i discovered these, it made me so happy! I get a new set each time I go and eventually I’ll have a few sets. 🙂 They are fab!

  3. We have the malm drawers too!! We have the ones with the 3 big drawers then 2 little drawers at the top. I have socks & tights in mine, boring!! We’re probably going to get more of these drawers when we move as I think they’d be great in Mini M’s room too

  4. I don’t think you can beat IKEA for things like that, so clever and practical, and I love that it’s reasonably priced too, especially if you can get something in the bargain corner like you did! I don’t have a bedside table as such, I have a very old IKEA stool but could really do with something with a drawer to look a bit neater! Maybe on my next IEKA trip…

    1. Oh how cool! I think being unwell and needing so many things next to the bed makes the drawers great for me but i think if i was well id have a little table or stool too! Ikea is great!

  5. I have never been to Ikea. Our nearest branch is way out of town and no where near the bus route so it’ll have to wait until I pass my test (hopefully soon!!) These drawers look really useful.

  6. I don’t shop in Ikea. I think it’s because it quite a distance away to drive and when i have been there i can’t find what i’m looking for among all the help yourself aisles! I’m useless haha! These drawers look lovely though, i like the no handles look. i have a similar draw in my kitchen without a handle 🙂

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