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A Family That Prays Together Ornaments And What’s on the Mantle

When I was a little girl, my Mother had a beautiful antique clock which sat on the mantle place above the fire. The black and gold clock belonged to my great grandmother Sarah Senior. It was a beauty and was a treasure not to be touched.

Since moving back to the UK, I have kept my own treasures on the mantle and I thought I’d share these and the meaning behind them, so here goes.

Mantle Ornaments

My good friend Esther  bought me this beautiful wooden piece as a housewarming present. I really love it. Esther lives in Yorkshire and since moving to Lancashire we don’t get to hang out as much.

Having a gift from Esther on the mantle reminds me of her everyday. I love the shabby chic look and it blends in great with the other items.

home style

A Gift From My Dad

This next item is a small ornament my father Gordon bought for Sylvia from the Barnsley Market. It’s not something I would have picked out and I wasn’t quite sure why dad chose this particular piece.

Having thought about it I now understand. Sylvia and I left New Zealand for a life in the UK when she was still a baby. My father keeps chickens and we used to have ducks in the garden in NZ.

Dad used to feed them with Sylvia. I think Dad must have made that connection when buying the ornament for Sylvia.


Mother And Child Ornament

I really love my mother and child ornament above. It once belonged to my grandmother Rae. She wasn’t keen on it and was sending it to the charity shop. I rescued the piece and it reminds me of the hard times when I was a single mother raising Sylvia on my own.

The clay owl was made by Sylvia and is my favourite “Little Creation” so far. it means a lot to me.

I bought the Love Blocks for John and I as a wedding gift in 2013. They are really cool and versatile. They can be stacked vertical or horizontal, put into an L shape or a square. They are really neat.

A Family That Prays Together

My most recent mantle treasure is my praying family, my Mother’s day gift. I fell in love with the characters when I first saw them. Sylvia, John and I try to pray daily as a family and I like to think that these ornaments represent our values and beliefs.



The adults and children can be bought separately. When we went to buy the pieces, the lady at the sales counter asked us how many kids we had. She assumed we would only want to buy one child as we only have one. She was wrong!

We purchased all the children. John and I would love to have a large family. This is not possible at the moment due to my health problems, but no one said we couldn’t have a large family on the mantle! There’s really no stopping us.

I love the saying, “the family that prays together stays together” and that is what my ornaments represent to me, love, family and the home.

I’m really pleased with my mantle collection. I’d love to see what’s on yours!

Angela x