What to Expect During Garage Door Installation

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Garage door installation is not something you always take into consideration every day. It tends to occur only a couple of times in your lifetime, so of course, it is tough to know what to expect. Besides the fact, of course, that you are hauling your old garage door away and a new garage door will take its place.

Family Christian Doors is here to help you fasten the process with proper garage door installation. As your Flower Mound residential garage door installation experts, we want to feel comfortable with your new garage door. Also, we want you to be in control when our garage door technicians start their work, and a big part of this is knowing what they will be doing. Let us give you a quick dive into the garage door installation process. 

What To Expect During Garage Door Installation

Preliminary Inspection

Garage doors are solid, great in size, and need a lot of attention to detail to install accurately. That is why you need respected and well-established residential or commercial garage door installation pros to take good care of your garage door. They will be the ones who look at the specs of your existing installation. While your new garage door probably will not copy your old one, technicians will garner significant structural information from this, including: 

● The size of your new garage door 

● Interferences that must be worked around (outlets, fans, etc.)

● How the motor and track must be mounted to guarantee maximum performance and more. 

Having this necessary information, your garage door installation technicians will meet you and schedule the work. Now, not later, is the perfect time to discuss finances. Before inspecting, you will want to know the important information collected on your end so that everybody will be on the same path. 

After inspecting, your technician will also bring up any issues about the installation they have with you. Usually, technicians do not go into tiny hitches, but detailed technicians like ours will catch hitches before having them as big problems. 

Considering Contracts

At some point, a contract is likely to present that may or may not detail the following: 

● Deposits and prices

● Warranties

● When the start and end of the job and more. 

Each garage door company is different, and everyone will want to cover various conditions within contracts with you in person. So, while they present the contact after the inspection, take your time reading it before signing anything! Some homeowners tend to skip the terms and conditions phase of the process in favor of speed. Read this part thoroughly while the technician is present, so you can inquire and get clarification in real-time. 

Before the Installation

Garage door installation and repair experts appreciate working in a safe and clean environment. Of course, your place does not have to be sparkling white before beginning the job. It is your garage, after all. But it is a help to us if the workstation is clutter-free and no hazardous materials around. Kindly remove all debris from the station before the installation day, and try to park your cars as far away from the working environment as possible. Depending on the structure of your garage, your garage door installation pro may make particular requests, so do not be afraid to talk about it while the expert is present during the inspection. 

While the Inspection Happens

Your garage door installation expert will be grateful for an uninterrupted work time, so the best thing is to give them space and time to get the job done fast and seamlessly. Of course, you can ask questions and get clarification as they work, but bear in mind to be hands-off and a stress-free working environment for them. With that, please look after your kids and pet while they work. Garage doors are solid and heavy, and the job needs concentration, both to work safely with large equipment and to ensure all mechanical stuff gets fastened correctly. We do not want to see a kid or pet afraid by the noise installation makes! 

Speaking of it: installing a garage door will create a fair bit of noise. 

While we take great safety precautions to make the process as smooth and stress-free as possible, while you work with power tools and heavy components, there’s no way around a bit of sound! You can also inform your neighbors about the work beforehand so they can prepare themselves as well. At some point, too, be prepared to haul your old garage door away. Such a process might add fees, depending on the contract you signed and what your expert says. 

After the Installation

The work may be already over and done when the last screw is fastened, but a good garage door company knows otherwise! Once installed, the garage door pro will work with you and answer questions you may have. You may also receive calls if you have inquiries after the team leaves, indicating you will always have them at your back. Again, at Family Christian Doors, we got you covered! 

Family Christian Doors: Garage Door Repair, Installation, and More

We are committed to providing you quality garage door services. We have a team of professionals dedicated to supporting your garage door needs at any time. Call us at our Flower Mound office today! 

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