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What to Do with Your Wardrobe After Losing Loads of Weight

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably deserving of congratulations and a big pat on the back. You shook up your eating habits, hit the gym hard, and now you’re celebrating your new slinky figure. The only thing is, when you’ve successfully managed to shed a few pounds and have gone down a couple of sizes, your entire wardrobe is now far too big. It’s a great excuse to go shopping, but what do you do with all those once much-loved outfits that now make you look like you’re wearing a tent? We’ve put together some great ideas that you might want to use.

#1. Make Some Money:

First of all, your old clothes are a great excuse to make some money, helping you fund your new skinny wardrobe. Get active on selling sites such as eBay or Depop to get some cash for your old fashion items – buying second-hand is becoming increasingly more popular, whether your items are almost brand new or are well-loved.

You might also be surprised how popular oversized and plus-size fashion is today. So, even if you’ve gone down a significant amount of sizes, you’ll still be able to find new owners for your newly unwanted clothing.

#2. Make Something New:

Do you like to get creative and crafty? Then you might want to think about using your old clothing to make something new and unique. For example, you can make handbags, purses, and several other items from your old jeans, or even use the material to turn them into a new skirt for the slinky new you.

Old sweatshirts, jumpers, and hoodies can be used to make items such as cushions or a comfortable bed for your beloved pet. The list is endless – look online for inspiration!

#3. Update Your Essentials:

When you’ve finally reached your weight goals and gotten the sleek physique you’ve always dreamed of, your first impulse is going to be buying new clothes that you’ve never had the confidence to wear before.

Before you start buying crop tops and cute little dresses, don’t forget to make sure that you’ve got all the essentials covered too.

Switch out your jeans, t-shirts, and sweaters for new ones that fit you perfectly. Then celebrate that you’re finally buying clothes in a size you’ve always wanted to pick up off the rack.

4. Go Oversized:

Don’t think that you have to get rid of everything that doesn’t fit you any longer! In fact, oversized clothes can look very fashionable, so have a look through your closet to see if you have anything that’s worth hanging on to.

Jumpers can easily become jumper dresses, for example, and look great paired with a nice pair of over the knee boots.

If you had a lot of t-shirts, these can easily double up as comfortable lounge or nightwear once you’re a few sizes smaller. So, don’t throw it all out – finding new uses for your clothes can be easier than you think.

#5. Gauge Your Commitment:

How committed are you to keeping the weight off? The last thing that you want is for your new wardrobe to be too small for you in just a couple of weeks’ time.

Are you thinking about relaxing a little bit with your diet and exercise routine now that you’ve finally hit your goal weight, or is this truly a life-long lifestyle change for you?

It’s definitely worth keeping this in mind when it comes to getting rid of your old wardrobe and swapping your clothes for new ones. If you don’t mind gaining a little bit of weight back, be sure to choose items of clothing that have enough give to allow it.

#6. Avoid Tight-Fitting Everything:

After losing a significant amount of weight, one of the biggest fashion mistakes that many people make is going for clothing that’s too tight.

Of course, you want to show off your new physique, but opting for too-small items could end up making you look bigger than you actually are, which is not the goal that you’re working towards.

Instead, take measurements and try things on to work out the correct size for you now, and stick to it. Well-fitting clothing is always a better look than items that are pinching you.

#7. Treat Yourself:

Last but not least, treating yourself to an item of clothing you’ve been lusting after for ages is a great reward for all the hard work and effort that you’ve put into losing weight.

Have you always wanted an expensive leather jacket or designer jeans? Maybe you’ve had your eye on a Balenciaga t-shirt or Balenciaga hoodie that almost every celebrity seems to be wearing these days.

Treat yourself, girl! You can get yourself a Balenciaga hoodie from an online retailer like SSENSE who stock all the latest brands – seeing as you’ll be spending a lot of money on an item like this, you’ll be motivated to stay in shape so you don’t grow out of it.

Losing weight is a massive achievement but what do you do with all the big clothes? Let us know what you did with yours in the comments below.

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